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The Animal Wrongs Movement



Sounds nice, doesn’t it? The “Animal Rights Movement”.

It certainly sells. Some so called “animal rights” groups are some of the wealthiest charities in the nation.

There’s just one ginormously inconvenient problem with these “animal rights” groups that animal lovers MUST know about: They are NOT groups that promote “animal rights”, and they certainly dont DO right by animals. They are, in fact, businessmen/woman in “Animal Rights” t-shirts….wolves in sheep’s clothing if you will. If judged, not by their talented, creative, public relations departments, but instead, if judged by what THEY ACTUALLY DO, these groups are the POLAR OPPOSITE of “animal rights” groups. They are, in reality, “ANIMAL WRONGS” GROUPS.

The groups of which I am referring to, are what I call “The Trio of Traitors” (The UNethical PETA, The INhumane HSUS, and the CRUEL ASPCA). I call them this, because they are three groups who, quite opposite from SUPPORTING laws that would bestow upon animals, RIGHTS to protect them from harm, these traitors actually OPPOSE Rights being given to animals, and there are key reasons why:

These groups do NOT, EVER, promote animals’ rights to live, because these groups SUPPORT the mass murder of shelter pets! You read that right…… these groups SUPPORT the murder of pets (while calling it a “loving death”, even though the animals are HEALTHY/TREATABLE/ADOPTABLE, and killing them is the opposite of what someone who loved them would do).

You CANNOT get away with murdering animals if there ARE Rights and Laws in place to protect animals from murder, now can you?

This is why you NEVER see these traitors carrying signs, protesting in support of an animal’s right to live. In fact, these traitors ALWAYS OPPOSE legislation that would have (had these groups not used money and influence to KILL the legislation…and animals right along with it) saved MILLIONS of precious lives.

I think we can all agree, that if you rally AGAINST someone’s right to live, you cannot call yourselves an “advocate” of the individual(s) for whom’s murder you are SUPPORTING.

One of these traitors, the UNethical PETA have ADMITTED that they dont believe in animal rights. PETA’s absurdly ILL-ogical ‘leader’, Ingrid Newkirk wrote, “We (PETA) do not advocate for ‘Right To Life’ for animals”. In plain english, PETA are stating that THEY DO NOT BELIEVE THAT ANIMALS HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE!

Here’s the problem: If you DO NOT believe in someone’s most basic and necessary Universal RIGHT (their Right to live) then you DO NOT believe in them being granted ANY Rights, because without the Right to LIVE, all other Rights are meaningless and cannot be enjoyed.

How does a murdered individual enjoy, for example, the Right to play, if they have been murdered and thus CANNOT play? They cant. They dont. Because the most basic and necessary Right, the one that permits any and all other rights to be enjoyed, is the RIGHT TO LIVE.

So, by NOT advocating for an animal’s right to LIVE, PETA does NOT advocate in favor of ANY Rights for animals, and thus PETA are NOT an “animal rights” group.

The Second traitor, the INhumane Society of the United States (HSUS) is notorious for using political influence and MONETARY influence (from their SUPPORTERS’ pockets, not their own) for regularly killing life saving legislation, and thus bearing their share of responsibility for the killings of 4 -5 MILLION “shelter” pets every year.

BY OPPOSING life saving legislation, the HSUS (‘Humane’ Society of the United States) OPPOSE animals’ Rights to live, and thus, the HSUS OPPOSES any and all other Rights for animals, because, once again, if an animal does not have the RIGHT TO LIVE, they CANNOT enjoy any other Right, because without the Right to live, these precious animals can be murdered using the lie called “humane euthanasia”. Or by citing another lie – the ‘pet overpopulation’ lie. The HSUS has ADMITTED that ‘pet overpopulation’ is a myth, yet they STILL CITE IT, WHEN MURDERING PETS! Thus, the HSUS ARE NOT an “animal rights” group.

The Third traitor, the ASPCA, who are SUPPOSED to PREVENT CRUELTY, actually ENGAGE IN CRUELTY by regularly betraying animals by also OPPOSING life saving legislation. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, is more cruel than to look a fellow living soul in the eyes, and say “I dont believe that you are worthy of life” and then proceeding to murder that fellow living soul. You, my dear readers, would AGREE 100% with everything that I am saying if YOU were the one about to be murdered, after being told that YOUR life wasn’t worth saving. You know it and I know it. Yet this is precisely what the CRUEL ASPCA, the INhumane HSUS and the UNethical PETA all do to animals!!

Thus, the ASPCA are NOT an “animal rights” group, anymore than PETA or the HSUS are. The ASPCA also OPPOSES life saving legislation, and thus, do NOT believe in “animal rights”.

Some may be wondering…WHY? WHY do these frauds *claim* to care about animals, while killing them?

The answer – Speciesism:

Ironic? Yes. Sad? Yes. But, most importantly, this is all TRUE.

It is documented, it has been proven. It is irrefutable. It is reality.

The sooner animal lovers educate themselves and each other, about this inconvenient truth, the sooner we can “root out the weeds” from the “animal rights” movement. Until then, the “animal rights” movement, should be called what it ACTUALLY is: The Animal WRONGS movement, because the Trio Of Traitors (PETA, HSUS, ASPCA), all do WRONG by animals, and all OPPOSE “animal rights”. THAT is why scum who operate kill “shelters” are allowed to murder HEALTHY/TREATABLE/ADOPTABLE pets! Because they are ALLOWED TO DO SO, because the Trio Of Traitors ALSO MURDER PETS, and thus are NEVER going to SUPPORT legislation that would make the murder of healthy pets illegal. So WE, the GENUINE Animal Rights advocates, must get these laws enacted ourselves.

WE can do so by letting our elected officials know that when we vote, we are not just entrusting these politicians with the power to serve OUR well being, but the well being of our whole family which includes PETS!

If we let politicians know that we REFUSE to tolerate the mass murder of pets in “shelters”, and that we WILL ONLY VOTE FOR PET FRIENDLY POLITICIANS, trust me, the number of pet loving politicians in the nation will skyrocket.

Further, we need to get these discussions off the internet and INTO THE COURTROOM, where they can actually CHANGE things.

It is time to finally put the RIGHTS into the “Animal Rights” Movement.

Love animals and want to help save lives?

Here’s what you need to know, and do to stop the madness…to stop the murder of our equals…our four legged family members…our pets! (See “Life Saving Resources” Below).

And once we get laws enacted to protect our pets, our chances of getting laws in place to protect other animals, such as farm animals, animals in the fur industry, etc will improve.

One last important thing: If you want a nice green lawn to grow unimpeded, you have to ged rid of the weeds. If you want to successfully SAVE animals, you must combat those who want to KILL animals (PETA, HSUS, ASPCA). If we are to SUCCEED in saving animals, we must ensure the FAILURE of the Trio Of Traitors (PETA, HSUS, ASPCA). The only way to do that: Hit ’em where it hurts-in the pocketbook. STOP DONATING TO ANIMAL MURDERERS, AND THE ANIMAL MURDER RATE WILL DROP! Pure common sense!

There is a reason why these groups OPPOSE saving animals, but want you to THINK that they support helping animals: DONATIONS. Money. Moolah. Bread. Greenbacks. Dough. Cash. THAT is why these animal murderers put photos of sad animals on their website, with a DONATION BUTTON RIGHT BELOW IT! These leeches like to suck every dollar they can out of good hearted animal lovers, so they show you the sad animal, and BOOM…you heart wrenches, and you want to take the animal’s sadness away and give them a good life. BOOM, then you notice the DONATE NOW button, as a reflex of your desire to make the lives of animals better. BUT REMEMBER – As proven in this post, DONATING TO PETA, HSUS, ASPCA WILL RESULT IN MORE ANIMALS BEING MURDERED. We DON’T want that.


Life Saving Resources:

The No Kill Advocacy Center:

No Kill Guides:

CAPA – The Companion Animal Protection Act:

Why Legislating No Kill Matters:!/2015/05/why-legislating-no-kill-matters.html

Proof That ‘Pet Overpopulation’ is a Myth:!/2015/02/pet-overpopulation-myth-meme-and.html

Speciesism – The ROOT of the Killing Problem:

The Truth About PETA:

The Truth About the HSUS:

The Truth About the ASPCA:

Saving 90 (Strive for 100):

World’s First and Largest No Kill Shelter: NSAL America


When We Come Together, Great Things Happen

While you may have gotten sick of all of the “Virginia Residents, Please Call the Governor and ask him to sign SB 1381” notices, I dont apologize for posting them over and over on WordPress and other social networks. When you have a passion inside you, it burns like an eternal flame…only longer.

When lives are at stake, the time for jerking around is over and the time for action is yesterday!

Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe SIGNED SB 1381 into law recently, and I want to say THANK YOU to everybody who helped.

You are heroes. Because of you, THOUSANDS of beautiful Pets will be saved every year.

Let me tell you WHY getting this particular Bill passed and SIGNED into law was so important:

There has never been a shortage of good hearted pet lovers, who consider pets family (rightly so, because PETS ARE FAMILY). But sometimes, we fall into that, “Well, I’m just one individual..what difference can I make?” trap, and do nothing. When thousands of other “you’s” are doing the same thing, YOU are an army, that can accomplish anything you desire.

SB 1381’s Passage & Signing proves that.

Another reason why SB 1381 was so important, was because it was historical. You see, alot of people dont realize the nauseating amount of politics, lies, greed, and public relations considerations that permeates society’s status quo, no matter the institution, be it the Military, Wall Street, Pharmaceutical groups, TV Networks, Religion, Newspapers, Hollywood, and yes, some “Animal Rights Groups”.

Everybody is looking to “sell” their “product”. And you cant sell a product that makes people sick or mad, can you? Thus, the frauds within the animal rights community…frauds like PETA, the HSUS, the ASPCA and death camps for pets with the words “Animal Shelter” printed on their facility, aren’t going to be honest with you…honesty doesnt sell. Bullflop sells. Because when you are talking about money, dignity and honor go out the window and in flies the blood sucking vampires known as greed, deception, corruption, and murder.

Many people dont realize that the very groups who are considered to be “friends of animals” are, in fact, the enemies of animals, who seek to harm…indeed, MURDER animals.

But “how can that be? They do so much for animals?” some might respond. SEE how good those public relations people are? They’ve got half of society brainwashed into believing that a group is ‘shinola’, when they are in fact, sh*t. But a good salesman/woman can make sh*t look like 24K Gold if they are talented, and deceptive enough.

Lets use, as our prime example, the ANIMAL MURDERING FRAUDS known as PETA. Do you know that PETA fought SB 1381’s passage and signing with the viciousness of a honey badger on a bad day? It’s true. Think about that……PETA…a group “that does so much for animals” or so some are brainwashed into thinking, OPPOSED LEGISLATION THAT WILL SAVE THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS! So, what a group *says” isnt worth the paper we wipe our a$$es with. It’s what you DO that defines you, and PETA’s actions on SB 1381 and MANY other Animal friendly Bills define PETA as a bunch of fraudulent, unethical, homicidal cultists, who seek to MURDER animals, instead of saving them. PETA spent the animal lovers’ DONATIONS, not on saving animals, but on trying to be able to continue to KILL ANIMALS! They even hired (with donor money, that donors think goes to “doing good for animals”, but which in fact goes to “killing legislation, so that PETA can continue to KILL animals”) a well known, and POWERFUL lobbyist to try and use their “influence” to kill SB 1381, knwoing that it would also kill thousands of animals every year.

That is the main reason why SB 1381 was created in the first place: To stop this group that donors think “does so much for animals” from KILLING HEALTHY/TREATABLE/ADOPTABLE ANIMALS!

Where is PETA’s headquarters: VIRGINIA.

What is SB 1381: VIRGINIA State Legislation.


PETA’s modus operandi is classic: They exploit animals, (such as those on fur farms, factory farms, etc) so that good hearted animal lovers will be drawn in by the group’s pleas to “Help these poor babies”, while including a donation button at the bottom of the page. PETA doesnt actually DO much to save these animals….taking off their clothes on a New York Street Corner will not save that Fox about to be cruelly killed in China. Not one Cow has been saved from slaughter because PETA used their millions of dollars to purchase the slaughterhouse and agreed to pay the employees NOT to murder animals (which PETA has the money to do) so that they could turn it into an animal sanctuary……not one Orca or Dolphin has been driven out of Seaworld in a tank of water on a giant truck and taken back to their rightful place in the ocean by PETA. But PETA’s goal isn’t to save cows from slaughter, or dolphins and orcas from Seaworld…if that WAS their goal, they would use their multi-million dollar bank account and put their money where their mouths are. No, their goal is to show animals suffering in terrible ways in order to make you enraged and sad, to the point that the “Donate Now” button on the bottom of the page looks like a warm blanket on a sub zero degree night. THAT is exploitation.

PETA makes as much money showing off suffering animals, while inserting a “donate now” button below the heart wrenching photos, as Seaworld does making Orcas and Dolphins jump out of the water for a little fish and meaningless approval of the crowd who doesnt know better, and who paid to see the “show”.

SB 1381 WAS CREATED TO PROTECT ANIMALS FROM PETA! Now, I ask you the following question: If PETA are about SAVING animals, why was a law necessary to protect animals FROM peta?

Because PETA doesn’t care about saving animals…if they did, they would have supported SB 1381. Instead they OPPOSED it and hired a lobbyist to try and shoot it down, so that they could continue to MURDER ANIMALS as much as their dark hearts desire.

PETA, the HSUS, ASPCA, and others have a history of shooting down legislation that would have SAVED animals, if not for these same “animal rights groups” (PETA, HSUS, ASPCA, et al) killing the legislation, and with it, killing millions of animals in sh*tholes disguised as “shelters” ever year.

Dont believe everything you think. Dont believe everything you’re told.
Dont trust these anti-animal frauds. Dont believe everything you’re sold.


A Rose For Everyone Who Cared Enough To Tell the Governor To Save Us! Thank You For Speaking On Our Behalf. Love, Virginia's Shelter Pets

A Rose For Everyone Who Cared Enough To Tell the Governor To Save Us! Thank You For Speaking On Our Behalf.
Virginia’s Shelter Pets

WARNING: PETA may be in your neighborhood rounding up animals to kill.

Article By Nathan Winograd and The No Kill Advocacy Center

Graphic By SiameseCatTwins4Ever

WARNING: PETA may be in your neighborhood rounding up animals to kill.


The Theft and Killing of Maya

On October 18, 2014, in Parksley, VA, PETA stole Maya, a happy and healthy dog, from her porch while her family was out. They killed her that very day.

According to a spokesman for Maya’s family, PETA came to the trailer park where the family lives, where most of the residents are Spanish speaking with few resources. The PETA representatives befriended the residents. They got to know who lived where and who had dogs. In fact, they sat with the family on the same porch off which they later took Maya. Waiting until the family was away from the home, PETA employees backed their van up to the porch and threw biscuits to Maya, in an attempt to coax her off her property and therefore give PETA the ability to claim she was a stray dog “at large.” But Maya refused to stay off the porch and ran back. Thinking that no one was around, one of the employees—who was later charged with larceny—went onto the property and took Maya.

When the family returned and found their beloved Maya missing, they searched around the neighborhood before checking the video on the surveillance camera. That is when they saw the PETA van on the film and recognized the woman who had come to their house on prior occasions to talk to them about Maya. They called PETA and asked for Maya’s return. According to a family spokesperson, PETA claimed it did not have the dog. When PETA was told that its employees had been filmed taking the dog, they hung up. Shortly afterward, a PETA attorney called and informed the family that Maya was dead. PETA had killed her. She may not be the only one. On the day they stole Maya, other animals went missing as well. Had a surveillance video not been available, the killing of Maya would have remained unknown, as are the fates of the other animals. In the last 11 years, PETA has killed 29,426 animals.

PETA’s Response

In a dishonest attempt at damage control, PETA put out a full page ad in the newspaper. The ad intentionally misleads people about their campaign of extermination against community cats. It says nothing of their theft and killing of Maya. It does not mention the arrests of PETA employees for larceny. It does not mention that this is not the first time PETA employees have been arrested for killing animals. In fact, PETA refuses to answer questions about why they stole and killed Maya: And though PETA takes in thousands of animals a year, only to put the vast majority to death, the ad offered two dogs for adoption, hoping to defray criticism for their killing of thousands of others. Given that they only adopt out 1% of the animals they take in, those two dogs, if indeed they are adopted out rather than killed, will be some of the few spared from the needle.

The No Kill Advocacy Center Response

The No Kill Advocacy Center has responded by:

– Asking the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (VDACS) to revoke PETA’s ability to kill animals:

– Requesting a petition for rulemaking asking for regulations requiring more transparency in Virginia “shelters”:

– Drafting and asking the state to pass “Maya’s Law”:

My Response

Today, I, and other animal lovers, also responded. We placed this ad in the same newspaper to counter PETA’s misinformation. The people who live near PETA headquarters and whose animals may be at risk should be aware of the danger PETA poses to their beloved animal companions so that they may take precautionary measures, such as not letting their animals go outside unsupervised. They also have a right to know that an organization located within their vicinity is letting loose individuals who not only maniacally believe that killing is a good thing and that the living want to die, but who are legally armed with lethal drugs which they have already proven—29,426 times in the last decade—that they are not adverse to using:

The Response By Others

We are not alone:

– A Senator calls for an investigation of PETA:

– The Richmond SPCA calls for an investigation of PETA:

– The Accomack County attorney calls for an investigation of PETA:

– The Virginia Federation of Humane Societies calls for an investigation of PETA:

When you donate to PETA, you pay to kill animals like Maya and thousands of others every year

"I know you're healthy, and want to live, but I'm unhealthy and of unsound mind and want you to die, so , let's just call it a 'loving death', so that the idiots who support me will think this is somehow 'good' for you, though I'd never want someone to do to ME, what I'm gonna do to you."

“I know you’re healthy, and want to live, but I’m unhealthy and of unsound mind and want you to die, so , let’s just call it a ‘loving death’, so that the idiots who support me will think this is somehow ‘good’ for you, though I’d never want someone to do to ME, what I’m gonna do to you.”

PETA’s Betrayal of Animals

"I know you're healthy, and want to live, but I'm unhealthy and of unsound mind and want you to die, so , let's just call it a 'loving death', so that the idiots who support me will think this is somehow 'good' for you, though I'd never want someone to do to ME, what I'm gonna do to you."

“I know you’re healthy, and want to live, but I’m unhealthy and of unsound mind and want you to die, so , let’s just call it a ‘loving death’, so that the idiots who support me will think this is somehow ‘good’ for you, though I’d never want someone to do to ME, what I’m gonna do to you.”

This is what the animal killers at PETA do with your donations: NOTHING. They pocket your money while lobbying for animals to suffer and die in kill 'shelters'. They SUPPORT this cruelty! If YOU support PETA, YOU support this cruelty too!”

Article by Nathan Winograd

The PETA solution: dead “feral” cats in a Florida shelter. PETA successfully defeated SB 1320, a law that would have clarified that nonlethal programs to neuter and release feral cats, rather than killing them, are legal in Florida. As shelters and health departments nationwide embrace trap-neuter-release programs, PETA remains an opponent of this humane alternative to killing, arguing that healthy feral cats should continue to be killed, even urging their supporters to take them to shelters or veterinarians to do so. The PETA website states that, “the most compassionate choice is to euthanize feral cats. You can ask your veterinarian to do this or, if your local shelter uses an injection of sodium pentobarbital, take the cats there.” This shelter–following the PETA model–used “an injection of sodium pentobarbital,” killing the cats in front of other cats, catch-poling the cats as they tried to flee while they urinated and defecated all over the kennel in fear. That is how terrified feral cats behave in shelters. Apparently to PETA, this is as it should be.

Learn more:

(Once again, I apologize for posting such a photo. I know it upsets some people. But this is what PETA advocates and I want those who continue to defend them to look at the photo and see exactly what it is they are defending and to those who donate, exactly what they are paying to promote.)

World Vegan Summit: “Save Pigs and Chickens, But Murder Cats and Dogs in Shelters Until They Go Extinct”

Troubling, disgraceful, intolerable:

By Nathan Winograd

How to Get Uninvited to the World Vegan Summit: Oppose the Extinction of Dogs & Cats

Several days ago, I posted that the animal rights movement may be turning a corner, as I was asked to speak at two animal rights conferences. As many of you may be aware, the animal rights movement has historically either maligned or ignored the No Kill movement, and with it, turned a blind eye to the systematic slaughter of millions of homeless dogs and cats every year. I especially hoped that one of those conferences—the World Vegan Summit —would provide a forum for those voices that have been historically silenced within the animal rights movement—voices such as my own—for being critical of those in positions of power and the policies they pursue that cause animals to suffer and be killed. In fact, some of the other speakers who will be at that conference have also criticized the movement for being top-heavy, prone to censorship, intolerant of dissent, threatened by change, and dismissive of the grassroots. Tragically, my enthusiasm was short-lived. That is because almost as quickly as I was asked to speak, I was promptly uninvited. Why? Because they took offense at a statement I made on my Facebook page.

In posting that I was invited to the conference, I said I was going to challenge the animal rights position promoted by some that living with dogs and cats is a violation of their rights and we should forcibly make them go extinct “for their own good.” With the belief that the “solution” to all dog and cat suffering lies solely in the eventual annihilation of their species, the animal rights movement not only preaches a view that the lives of dogs and cats are dispensable, their loss and deliberate elimination of no moral consequence, their disappearance from our planet no tragedy to mourn, it embraces an agenda which no other rights-based movement in history has ever subscribed to: the deliberate extinction of those it has pledged to protect. We do not further the cause of animal rights by promoting a double standard between humans and non-humans. After all, the idea that we should do to animals that which we would never propose to do to humans—in this case, seek the willful extinction of a particular group of humans—is the double standard that is to blame for so much suffering and killing of non-humans. Instead, we teach respect, we teach kindness, we teach compassion, and then we work to ensure the collective obedience to those values through legal rights, a prescription for change which every other social justice movement that has come before ours has used and used successfully.

I called such a view “arrogant” and “muddled” in its thinking. It apparently hit a nerve so raw with the sponsors of the World Vegan Summit that I was promptly uninvited. They are free to criticize the movement and do it without apology and in the strongest possible terms, but apparently no one else is. “Thanks for your understanding,” read the last line of the email uninviting me. To which 20 years of this very same treatment at the hands of the very people they themselves criticize for such conduct left me with only one possible response: “Oh believe me, I do understand.”

Interspecies relationships in the world are not rare and they are relationships that humans generally celebrate as evidence of the interconnectedness and beauty of life on Earth. But to those who are supposed to be the standard bearers of our relationships with animals— “leaders” of the animal rights movement—such relationships are “unnatural” and therefore “bad” when one of the parties is a human being. The proposed solution? Eliminate cats and dogs from the Earth by pursuing their willful extinction.

Help Stop PETA’s Killing


Dear Friends,
Who WOULDN’T want to save precious pets’ lives, right?
 It’s a no brainer. If you LOVE pets, you want healthy, adoptable pets to LIVE.
Pure compassionate, common sense.
Sadly, The pet murderers at the unethical PETA like to kill healthy, adoptable pets. Why? Only the demented, illogical mind of PETA’s founder, Ingrid Newkirk, who has admitted to murdering thousands of healthy animals with her VERY OWN hands, and tens of thousands of more healthy animals using her pathetic PETA organization, can answer the question of WHY?
Ultimately, it doesn’t matter why PETA murders healthy pets. What matters is that they DO murder healthy pets, and that they should be stopped.
Here’s where YOU come in.
  YOU, the person reading this right now, can save tens of thousands of lives, and it wont even take five minutes of your time.
Nathan Winograd, No Kill Expert and Animal Sheltering Expert, has an urgent request for all pet lovers:
Help Stop PETA’s Killing


In the last 11 years, 29,426 animals have died at PETA’s hands including those they themselves described as “healthy,” “adorable,” and “perfect.” In some cases, this includes animals they promised to find homes for, only to put them to death within minutes in the back of a van—a donor-funded mobile death squad on wheels. It includes kittens and puppies. According to Ingrid Newkirk, PETA is “not in the home finding business.” Its mission is to put animals to death. PETA has no adoption hours, it does not keep animals alive long enough to find homes, and it does no adoption promotion. You can learn more in my Huffington Post expose by clicking here. How is this legal? PETA is registered in Virginia as an animal shelter.


Since employees of “animal shelters” are the only non-veterinarians authorized by Virginia law to kill animals, removing PETA’s designation as a shelter will put the brakes on PETA killing. Click here for the petition filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture (VDACS) on behalf of the No Kill Advocacy Center.


Help me end PETA’s mobile death vans. Help me end PETA’s ability to hire mindless “yes men” to kill animals at the whim and discretion of Ingrid Newkirk. Please take a moment to email VDACS Commissioner Matt Lohr and Animal Shelter Inspector Dr. Dan Kovich and POLITELY ask that they grant the NKAC petition to remove PETA’s designation as an animal shelter:


Commissioner Lohr:


Dr. Kovich: 

 #1.  Please, email the above individuals, and politely ask them to grant the NKAC petition to remove PETA’s designation as an animal shelter.
  #2.  And then spread the word, via Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc. and ask pet lovers you know, to do the same.
We CAN stop PETA’s massacre of pets. It takes two easy steps (#1. and #2., above)
 Please, help.
Thank You.


UPDATE: The mad Dr. Kovich, and the cowardly Commissioner Lohr, despite the overwhelming, vast numbers of animal lovers urging them to tell the truth: That PETA does NOT run a “shelter”, have proven to be transparent frauds, who either:

1. Dont care one iota about their fellow living souls

2. Are being “generously rewarded” for their ineptitude by PETA themselves.

PETA ADMITTED TO THESE TWO GOOD FOR NOTHINGS THAT, “We Do NOT operate a shelter”. Therefore, this is IRREFUTABLE PROOF that PETA should NOT be designated as a “shelter”.

That PETA remains designated as a “shelter” (slaughterhouse for pets, in reality) even though they admitted to NOT being a shelter, is strongly indicative of one of the two scenarios described above, being the likely explanation for the lazy, worthless, and possibly corrupt actions, on the part of the Dr. and his Commissioner partner in ineptitude.

So, PETA’s massacre of pets continues.

P.S. The Dr and his Commissioner partner in crime (the ethical crime of looking the other way as healthy pets are being murdered) announced that they would do what they did best (nothing), within 48 hours after the calls for change began, further indicating that these pathetic individuals do not care about doing their jobs, as much as they care about cashing their paychecks.

But, of course, all of this is just my opinion.


An open letter (poem) to the self proclaimed “animal lovers” and groups who SUPPORT the massacre of shelter pets:
You’re so full of sh*t, it’s hard to tell which end is up sometimes
You like pointing fingers, though it’s you who’s committing the crimes
You’re like a zombie from a bad B-movie; you moan and you stumble
Pre-programmed “kill, kill,” diatribes are what you like to mumble
When you try to sound as if you might have some kind of clue
It’s like looking through a window…we can see right through you
For, you can run your mouth, but you cant hide what you’re really about
You are so contradictory, you end up leaving no doubt
You are not a pet lover, you love animals, not
You are a poser, a fraud, a nauseating repetitive robot
You speak about that, in which, you do not understand
As you remain sitting on your lying a$$, when it’s time to take a stand
When pets need you, you are not there
Your silence is deafening, as you cowardly hide who knows where
When pets need you to defend their right to live
You become mute, you have not one life-saving thought to give
And we all know why, that this is the case
It’s because you, pure and simply, are two faced
Name one children’s advocate who advocates for kids to die in shelters
You cant, because then you couldn’t call them children’s shelters
Name one women’s advocate who advocates for women to die in domestic abuse shelters
You cant, because then you couldn’t call them domestic abuse shelters
Then why are fraudulent animal advocates, disgraceful irresponsibles such as you
Advocating for pets to die in shelters….. is it because you know the truth
Is it because you know it’s true that animal shelters that kill animals are not shelters at all
But are, in truth, concentration death camps for pets, despite having attached the word “Shelter” to their outer entrance hall
It’s often said that “The truth is in the pudding”, it’s not what you say that matters, but what you do
When it comes to disgraceful excuses for “animal lovers” like you, these words ring so very true
For, while you talk about being an “animal lover”, you prove otherwise, contradicting yourself to every listening ear
When your actions betray the animals whom you supposedly love, the truth about who you really are, becomes irrefutably clear
You are not animal lovers, as evidenced by your pathetic support of animal murderers, who are just as unloving as you
You are nuggets of waste, floating in the toilet bowl of life, someone needs to “flush” you
And as you spin, around and around you go


No one will miss you, in fact we’ll be glad to see you go


All that we need to know: we know that you’re part of the inhumane, cruel, unethical pet killing problem, you are lethal pollution
And that you’re not part of the humane, kind, ethical, animal loving No Kill solution
The bottom line: If pet murderers were the ones about to be murdered, they’d become No Kill advocates real fast! They are proven hypocrites. They are also THE “Berlin Wall” that stands between pets being murdered, and a No Kill Nation, where healthy, adoptable pets are allowed to live.
Pay it forward….shine a light…….save a life: