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Be a Superhero for Animals!


FANTASTIC Guide to saving lives!


The Animal Wrongs Movement



Sounds nice, doesn’t it? The “Animal Rights Movement”.

It certainly sells. Some so called “animal rights” groups are some of the wealthiest charities in the nation.

There’s just one ginormously inconvenient problem with these “animal rights” groups that animal lovers MUST know about: They are NOT groups that promote “animal rights”, and they certainly dont DO right by animals. They are, in fact, businessmen/woman in “Animal Rights” t-shirts….wolves in sheep’s clothing if you will. If judged, not by their talented, creative, public relations departments, but instead, if judged by what THEY ACTUALLY DO, these groups are the POLAR OPPOSITE of “animal rights” groups. They are, in reality, “ANIMAL WRONGS” GROUPS.

The groups of which I am referring to, are what I call “The Trio of Traitors” (The UNethical PETA, The INhumane HSUS, and the CRUEL ASPCA). I call them this, because they are three groups who, quite opposite from SUPPORTING laws that would bestow upon animals, RIGHTS to protect them from harm, these traitors actually OPPOSE Rights being given to animals, and there are key reasons why:

These groups do NOT, EVER, promote animals’ rights to live, because these groups SUPPORT the mass murder of shelter pets! You read that right…… these groups SUPPORT the murder of pets (while calling it a “loving death”, even though the animals are HEALTHY/TREATABLE/ADOPTABLE, and killing them is the opposite of what someone who loved them would do).

You CANNOT get away with murdering animals if there ARE Rights and Laws in place to protect animals from murder, now can you?

This is why you NEVER see these traitors carrying signs, protesting in support of an animal’s right to live. In fact, these traitors ALWAYS OPPOSE legislation that would have (had these groups not used money and influence to KILL the legislation…and animals right along with it) saved MILLIONS of precious lives.

I think we can all agree, that if you rally AGAINST someone’s right to live, you cannot call yourselves an “advocate” of the individual(s) for whom’s murder you are SUPPORTING.

One of these traitors, the UNethical PETA have ADMITTED that they dont believe in animal rights. PETA’s absurdly ILL-ogical ‘leader’, Ingrid Newkirk wrote, “We (PETA) do not advocate for ‘Right To Life’ for animals”. In plain english, PETA are stating that THEY DO NOT BELIEVE THAT ANIMALS HAVE A RIGHT TO LIVE!

Here’s the problem: If you DO NOT believe in someone’s most basic and necessary Universal RIGHT (their Right to live) then you DO NOT believe in them being granted ANY Rights, because without the Right to LIVE, all other Rights are meaningless and cannot be enjoyed.

How does a murdered individual enjoy, for example, the Right to play, if they have been murdered and thus CANNOT play? They cant. They dont. Because the most basic and necessary Right, the one that permits any and all other rights to be enjoyed, is the RIGHT TO LIVE.

So, by NOT advocating for an animal’s right to LIVE, PETA does NOT advocate in favor of ANY Rights for animals, and thus PETA are NOT an “animal rights” group.

The Second traitor, the INhumane Society of the United States (HSUS) is notorious for using political influence and MONETARY influence (from their SUPPORTERS’ pockets, not their own) for regularly killing life saving legislation, and thus bearing their share of responsibility for the killings of 4 -5 MILLION “shelter” pets every year.

BY OPPOSING life saving legislation, the HSUS (‘Humane’ Society of the United States) OPPOSE animals’ Rights to live, and thus, the HSUS OPPOSES any and all other Rights for animals, because, once again, if an animal does not have the RIGHT TO LIVE, they CANNOT enjoy any other Right, because without the Right to live, these precious animals can be murdered using the lie called “humane euthanasia”. Or by citing another lie – the ‘pet overpopulation’ lie. The HSUS has ADMITTED that ‘pet overpopulation’ is a myth, yet they STILL CITE IT, WHEN MURDERING PETS! Thus, the HSUS ARE NOT an “animal rights” group.

The Third traitor, the ASPCA, who are SUPPOSED to PREVENT CRUELTY, actually ENGAGE IN CRUELTY by regularly betraying animals by also OPPOSING life saving legislation. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, is more cruel than to look a fellow living soul in the eyes, and say “I dont believe that you are worthy of life” and then proceeding to murder that fellow living soul. You, my dear readers, would AGREE 100% with everything that I am saying if YOU were the one about to be murdered, after being told that YOUR life wasn’t worth saving. You know it and I know it. Yet this is precisely what the CRUEL ASPCA, the INhumane HSUS and the UNethical PETA all do to animals!!

Thus, the ASPCA are NOT an “animal rights” group, anymore than PETA or the HSUS are. The ASPCA also OPPOSES life saving legislation, and thus, do NOT believe in “animal rights”.

Some may be wondering…WHY? WHY do these frauds *claim* to care about animals, while killing them?

The answer – Speciesism:

Ironic? Yes. Sad? Yes. But, most importantly, this is all TRUE.

It is documented, it has been proven. It is irrefutable. It is reality.

The sooner animal lovers educate themselves and each other, about this inconvenient truth, the sooner we can “root out the weeds” from the “animal rights” movement. Until then, the “animal rights” movement, should be called what it ACTUALLY is: The Animal WRONGS movement, because the Trio Of Traitors (PETA, HSUS, ASPCA), all do WRONG by animals, and all OPPOSE “animal rights”. THAT is why scum who operate kill “shelters” are allowed to murder HEALTHY/TREATABLE/ADOPTABLE pets! Because they are ALLOWED TO DO SO, because the Trio Of Traitors ALSO MURDER PETS, and thus are NEVER going to SUPPORT legislation that would make the murder of healthy pets illegal. So WE, the GENUINE Animal Rights advocates, must get these laws enacted ourselves.

WE can do so by letting our elected officials know that when we vote, we are not just entrusting these politicians with the power to serve OUR well being, but the well being of our whole family which includes PETS!

If we let politicians know that we REFUSE to tolerate the mass murder of pets in “shelters”, and that we WILL ONLY VOTE FOR PET FRIENDLY POLITICIANS, trust me, the number of pet loving politicians in the nation will skyrocket.

Further, we need to get these discussions off the internet and INTO THE COURTROOM, where they can actually CHANGE things.

It is time to finally put the RIGHTS into the “Animal Rights” Movement.

Love animals and want to help save lives?

Here’s what you need to know, and do to stop the madness…to stop the murder of our equals…our four legged family members…our pets! (See “Life Saving Resources” Below).

And once we get laws enacted to protect our pets, our chances of getting laws in place to protect other animals, such as farm animals, animals in the fur industry, etc will improve.

One last important thing: If you want a nice green lawn to grow unimpeded, you have to ged rid of the weeds. If you want to successfully SAVE animals, you must combat those who want to KILL animals (PETA, HSUS, ASPCA). If we are to SUCCEED in saving animals, we must ensure the FAILURE of the Trio Of Traitors (PETA, HSUS, ASPCA). The only way to do that: Hit ’em where it hurts-in the pocketbook. STOP DONATING TO ANIMAL MURDERERS, AND THE ANIMAL MURDER RATE WILL DROP! Pure common sense!

There is a reason why these groups OPPOSE saving animals, but want you to THINK that they support helping animals: DONATIONS. Money. Moolah. Bread. Greenbacks. Dough. Cash. THAT is why these animal murderers put photos of sad animals on their website, with a DONATION BUTTON RIGHT BELOW IT! These leeches like to suck every dollar they can out of good hearted animal lovers, so they show you the sad animal, and BOOM…you heart wrenches, and you want to take the animal’s sadness away and give them a good life. BOOM, then you notice the DONATE NOW button, as a reflex of your desire to make the lives of animals better. BUT REMEMBER – As proven in this post, DONATING TO PETA, HSUS, ASPCA WILL RESULT IN MORE ANIMALS BEING MURDERED. We DON’T want that.


Life Saving Resources:

The No Kill Advocacy Center:

No Kill Guides:

CAPA – The Companion Animal Protection Act:

Why Legislating No Kill Matters:!/2015/05/why-legislating-no-kill-matters.html

Proof That ‘Pet Overpopulation’ is a Myth:!/2015/02/pet-overpopulation-myth-meme-and.html

Speciesism – The ROOT of the Killing Problem:

The Truth About PETA:

The Truth About the HSUS:

The Truth About the ASPCA:

Saving 90 (Strive for 100):

World’s First and Largest No Kill Shelter: NSAL America

PETA and HSUS Both OPPOSE Legislation to Save Animals!

The myth that is "pet overpopulation" has been DISPROVEN. ALL healthy/treatable Pets CAN and SHOULD be saved. No Kill is the way to save them.

Article by Nathan Winograd

The Companion Animal Protection Act is model legislation written by my organization, the No Kill Advocacy Center, that would make it illegal to kill animals in shelters when rescue groups are willing to save them, would make it illegal to kill animals if there are empty cages and kennels, would ban the gas chamber in those states that still allow it, would require shelters to provide quality care, and would mandate that shelters make their statistics public. Similar laws in other states save tens of thousands of animals every year, have reduced killing statewide by 78%, and have cut millions of dollars in wasteful spending. Such a law is not only necessary, reasonable and an effective means of saving lives, its passage would also bring sheltering procedures more in line with the humane, progressive values of the American public.

But the large, national groups that should be championing CAPA are trying to defeat it. Time and again, these organizations behave as lobbyists not for the animals being killed, but for those killing the animals.

Florida: Legislation currently pending in Florida would end convenience killing (killing when there are empty cages or rescue groups are willing to save them), it would end retribution killing (killing animals who rescuers want to save because they spoke out publicly about inhumane conditions in the shelter), it would encourage TNR for community cats, and would allow animals to be adopted out more quickly. Florida CAPA has been introduced in both the House and Senate, but it is already being opposed by regressive shelter directors. The director of Tallahassee Animal Services has argued that CAPA is a bad idea because it would require her not to kill if there are empty cages, something she insists he should have the right to do. In her view, these animals are better dead than fed.

Maryland: Legislation currently pending in Maryland would do the same. The Maryland Companion Animal Protection Act would end convenience killing, retribution killing, and end the killing of community cats who are part of managed colonies: It is being opposed by PETA which insists that communities should round up and kill community cats because those cats might kill people. (WTF?)

Connecticut and Minnesota: Legislation being considered by a Task Force in Connecticut would end convenience and retribution killing, as well. It is being opposed by the Humane Society of the United States, which last year helped kill a similar law in Minnesota. HSUS has stated that it will “actively fight” CAPA, that animal rescuers are hoarders in disguise, and that these animals are better off dead.

If we are to succeed at reforming our nation’s kill shelters, if we are to end convenience killing, retribution killing, cruel methods of killing, and neglect and abuse in shelters, we are going to have to do it ourselves.

Things we can do to stop this madness:

If you live in Florida, Maryland, or Connecticut, lobby your legislators to cosponsor CAPA.

Stop making excuses for those who kill animals.

Stop supporting these groups with your philanthropic dollars. Your donations are being used to thwart lifesaving reform.

Stop giving these disgraceful “wolves in sheeps’ clothing” donations, that they use as BLOOD MONEY!

No Kill in a Nutshell: All You Need To Know & Do To Make YOUR Community No Kill


Shelter: To protect from harm, to provide refuge, a safe haven

The first time many animals experience neglect and abuse is at the very shelter that is supposed to protect them from it. Our shelters are in crisis. Why? Killing is an act of violence. And not only do people in shelters work at a very place that commits this violence, they have, in fact, been hired to do exactly that. Can we really be surprised when they dont clean thoroughly, dont feed the animals, handle them too roughly, neglect and abuse them, or simply ignore their cries for help? How does shoddy cleaning or rough handling or skipping meals compare with putting an animal to death? Because shelter workers understand that they have the power to kill each and every one of these animals, and will in fact kill most of them, every interaction they have with those animals is influenced by the reality that their lives do not matter, that their lives are cheap and expendable, and that they are destined for the garbage heap. Where there is no right to life; there is no regard for welfare.

Murder and cruelty go hand in hand. In fact, murdering a healthy living soul IS a form of cruelty….it’s the worst form of cruelty in fact, because it’s the only form of cruelty where the animal has ZERO chance of healing.

Fact: Murdering healthy, adoptable pets is NOT “humane”, and it is NOT “kind”. It is CRUEL, and it is WRONG.

We treat pets as though we were omniscient gods‚ lying by deluding others into believing that death is our loving “gift” to them. We have no right to condemn healthy companion animals based on our limited understanding of their realities, as our mission should be exactly the same as children’s advocates: Establish more temporary safe havens, find additional permanent homes, and, most importantly, develop programs that reduce the number of homeless. Do countless children suffer for many years trapped in overcrowded and substandard orphanages?
Of course, as do refugees and millions upon millions of other displaced people, and this suffering is a horrendous tragedy. However, compassionate people seek to remedy these problems through addressing the fundamental causes, not killing the victims.

Killing is done by the uncivilized. By the weak-minded. By the cruel. By murderous NON animal lovers. For love doesn’t kill. It loves, protects, and enhances life.

Saving lives is done by those truly evolved enough to know that a cat’s life means equally as much to Him/Her, that a human animal’s life means to them!

It’s time to get over ourselves. We humans do not have the patent on life. We are but one of millions of species of animals on Earth, (most of whom were here long before us) and we are no more, and no less, deserving of rights, and of life, than anybody else.

To pretend otherwise, is to live a lethal fantasy.

True animal lovers choose to live a compassionate reality.

True animal lovers know that, like humans, our fellow animals are living, breathing, thinking, feeling, loving, soul filled Children of God, equally as much as anybody else.

And as such, animals, including pets, deserve the same Three Universal Birthrights, that everyone else does:

1. The Right to Live.
2. The Right to Love.
3. The Right to Be Loved.

What you have read is The Ultimate Truth…………the ignorance, arrogance and Speciesism of kill “shelters”, PETA, the HSUS, the ASPCA and other pet murdering frauds, notwithstanding.

All Are One. One Is All.

Please, make your community a No Kill community. Be brave. And know that you are on the side of right. Take action. Pets need YOU.

Our Pets are being murdered by the millions every year, in poor excuses for animal “shelters”. There ARE life saving alternatives (see below), but kill “shelter” operators are used to the status quo of killing pets, rather than saving them. YOU can help change that, by checking out the links below, and then demanding that your local “shelter” officials, Mayor, Governor, City Council Members, State Representatives, City Representatives, State Legislators, City Legislators, Senators, etc. actively fight to stop this disgusting massacre of our four legged family members. Ignite your passion into an eternal flame. Fight the good fight. Fight for Pets’ Rights! Thank you.

—— Life Saving Resources ——–

The No Kill Advocacy Center:

CAPA – The Companion Animal Protection Act:

Why Legislating No Kill Matters:!/2015/05/why-legislating-no-kill-matters.html

Proof That ‘Pet Overpopulation’ is a Myth:!/2015/02/pet-overpopulation-myth-meme-and.html

Speciesism – The ROOT of the Killing Problem:

The Truth About PETA:

The Truth About the HSUS:

The Truth About the ASPCA:

Saving 90 (Strive for 100):

World’s First and Largest No Kill Shelter: NSAL America

Saving Feral/Stray/Community Cats:

Alley Cat Allies:

No Kill Benefits the Economy:

TNR & No Kill: The 1-2 Punch That Will End Shelter Killing

Trap-Neuter (or Spay, UNLESS the female is pregnant) -Return (TNR)

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is practiced by all civilized and responsible communities, because TNR works. It has been proven in the field by the EXPERTS, (as opposed to the disproven, ignorant diatribes spewed by the cat haters who do not have a clue about TNR, much less understanding how well it works and that it is based on good ole’ fashioned common sense, and hard science.) These same cat haters, who hypocritically call for the deaths of living souls (Cats) who are equally as precious and deserving of life as the rest of us, arent interested in the facts, because they have an agenda, and no matter how fictional it is and no matter how disproven it is, they cling to their mythical agenda in blissful ignorance because they wish to see cats dead, rather than alive. These same hypocrites fail to mention that there are over 7 billion human animals walking this Earth, destroying everyone and everything in their paths (next target: feral cats), and yet nobody calls for OUR eradication…..funny how things change when YOU are the one targeted for death. We have no problem saying “Kill, kill kill kill” like a bunch of uncivilized cavemen/women, yet if someone wanted to kill US, our song would change to “Save us, save us, save us, save us”. So I decided that, for those who care about the facts, that I’d share them with you. Calling for the deaths of precious souls..cats, is wrong. No amount of verbal anti-cat spewage can ever make it right.

With that in mind, here are the facts about TNR (Trap, Neuter (or spay) and Return):

TNR is a process where caregivers who are feeding feral cats trap them in humane traps. They then take them to a spay/neuter program, or to a nearby Vet who they are familiar with and after recovery, return the cats to where they are feeding them. Adoptable cats and kittens are placed in homes whenever possible. Just because you see a cat outside doesn’t mean that they are feral…they could be PETS, and killing someone’s pet is a CRIME….morally and legally. Furthermore, pets should not be targeted for death, because their OWNERS let them outside, anymore so than a 4 year old kid should be killed for roaming around the neighborhood because their deadbeat parents werent watching them.

A life is a life. A soul is a soul. Our human animal ignorance and arrogance notwithstanding.

TNR works for many reasons:

Information on how well TNR works is readily available to anyone who wishes to look for it.

The Stanford University Cat Network reduced its feral population from 1000-1500 cats to 300 over a ten-year period. The Southern Animal Foundation in Louisiana reduced one New Orleans population from 500 to 65 over three years, through TNR and adoptions. Astonishing numbers of kittens have not been born due to these efforts. In fact TNR has worked EVERYWHERE, that has given it a fair chance to work.

TNR is the compassionate approach/solution to reducing the feral and stray cat populations. TNR teaches compassion and responsible cat care. While TNR actually reduces the number of cats breeding, it also opens the door to educating people about the importance of spaying and neutering, and the plight of feral and stray cats. Trapping and killing teaches young and old that it is okay to create unwanted offspring and then kill the surplus – leaving no room for education or compassion for life.

Trapping and killing does not solve the problem. Trapping and killing has been practiced for many years and the verdict is in: IT DOES NOT WORK.

For all the years this inhumane, careless, and heartless killing was practiced, the cat population continued to explode.

There are MORE feral and stray cats where the communities kill them, and LESS feral and stray cats where the communities TNR them. Do the math.

In uncivilized, cruel communities where cats are killed, new cats replace those cats removed. Cats tend to congregate around a food source. When cats are trapped and removed from an area, new cats move in to take advantage of the food source. Alley Cat Allies, the feral cat EXPERTS, call this phenomenon “the vacuum effect.”

Did I mention that killing cats costs taxpayers MORE money than TNR’ing the cats? Yes, indeed, trap and kill is more expensive than TNR. Trapping and killing cats is a tax payer burden. It costs on average $75 to $100 for an animal control agency to trap, house, kill, and dispose of one cat. It costs a TNR program $25 to spay or neuter one cat. Yet again, do the math and tell me what you come up with.

Caregivers will not allow these innocent cats to be cruelly killed. Thousands of kind people feed and care for feral and stray cats. Most will not allow the cats they feed to be trapped and killed, but welcome the opportunity to have the cats trapped, neutered and returned. If their only choice is to have the cats killed, they will opt to do nothing and the cats will breed – adding to the overpopulation problem.

Society does not support trapping and killing. When communities have tried to implement mass trapping and killing efforts, the community outcry has stopped the effort.

TNR helps reduce the number of cats euthanized at shelters. When fewer kittens are born to feral and stray cats, fewer cats and kittens enter shelters. This means fewer are killed because there aren’t enough homes for all the cats who need them, and fewer are deemed unadoptable because they are wild (untamed). Fewer cats competing for adoptive homes means more find a home and fewer are therefore euthanized.

TNR works. Killing is wrong. TNR prevents killing and reduces the feral/stray cat populations. For the third time, do the math.

For more info on TNR, go to the experts, Alley Cat Allies.

Visit them online at:

For those of you with compassion for lives other than your own, please also visit this site, to learn how to save even more, beautiful, precious lives :

I hope that you have been enlightened by these facts and that you be will compassionate, civilized, and economically smart enough to demand that YOUR city implement a city-wide TNR Program and give it a chance….you’ll see for yourselves…that it works.

—————————Our Pets are being murdered by the millions every year, in poor excuses for animal “shelters”. There ARE life saving alternatives (see below), but kill “shelter” operators are used to the status quo of killing pets, rather than saving them. YOU can help change that, by checking out the links below, and then demanding that your local “shelter” officials, Mayor, City Council Members, Representatives etc. actively fight to stop this disgusting massacre of our four legged family members. Please check out the following links. Thank you—————————————

No Kill Resources Library (All You Need To Know And Do):

How To Stop The Killing:

No Kill Benefits the Economy:

Ask your City Council to protect pets by making the Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA) the Law:

More No Kill Info:

Nathan Winograd – A True Friend To Animals

If you have read my blog before, you may have heard of Nathan Winograd, or you may  even have seen about 50 links to his writings (lol). There is a reason for that. The man speaks the truth. The man created the first No Kill community in history. The man knows what he is talking about. The man is a true friend to animals.


If you arent reading what he says on a daily basis, you really are missing out on informative facts and news, regarding animals, especially pets, the latest No Kill news, the latest degenerative behavior by PETA, the HSUS, ASPCA and kill “shelters” etc.


If you love pets, this is the man to stay in contact with.


 You can visit Nathan’s official website:


 You can read Nathan’s blog at



You can visit Nathan’s Facebook page for the latest news:



  You can also read Nathan’s books, a couple of which were co-written by his wife, Jennifer, who was the individual who first opened Nathan’s eyes to the massacre of shelter pets:



Nathan is also on Twitter:



Nathan created a wonderful organization, that focuses solely on ending the mass murder of shelter pets:



If you are a pet lover and want to save pets’ lives, become a No Kill advocate. Follow the websites listed above regularly…..add them to your “Favorites”, and spread the word, and you will help to save the precious lives of precious souls: Pets.


Thank You Very Much.