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Pets Are Being Massacred – Please Help



There is a modern day holocaust going on. Many don’t realize it. Yet it IS happening and it MUST stop.


I am referring to the needless massacre, the murder of 3 to 4 MILLION precious, HEALTHY Shelter Pets, every year.


Such killing is wrong. Inexcusable. Intolerable. Unacceptable.


Such “shelters” that murder pets, are, by definition, NOT “shelters”, but  instead are glorified concentration camps for innocent pets.


Pets are family! They deserve to live EQUALLY as much as Mom, Dad, Grandma, and little Suzie does.


Yet, pets are murdered, with the SUPPORT of the fraudulent Trio Of Traitors: The unethical PETA, the inhumane HSUS, and the cruel ASPCA.


These self proclaimed “animal rights” groups do not care about saving lives. If they did they wouldnt SUPPORT killing shelter pets.


PETA, the HSUS, and the ASPCA, along with kill “shelters”, live contradictory lives. They advertise themselves as being “shinola” and selling “shinola”, yet in truth, they are the complete opposite of “shinola”, and they sell the complete opposite of “shinola”.


Only by contacting the above mentioned pet murderers, and telling them that they either become No Kill immediately, or else you will immediately cease with your monetary and other methods of support of them.
Contact your local “shelter” (death camp for pets) and demand that they become a real shelter, the only genuine shelter…a No Kill shelter. Share this with them tell them to follow it, and it will lead them towards No Kill greatness.
Share this with others in your community…gather as many pet lovers as you can, and all at once, let your “shelter” officials, Mayor, City Council Members, etc. know that you want your city, town, community, etc. to become No Kill.
Also share this: and tell them to pass the Companion Animal Protection Act.
And also please share this: with them so that they understand how to reform “shelters” and make them REAL shelters: No Kill Shelters.
If the naysayers tell you that No Kill cant be accomplished, enlighten them to the fact that IT ALREADY HAS BEEN ACCOMPLISHED in many places across the U.S.:
If they offer the typical excuses on why they can’t or won’t become No Kill, offer them these facts:
Myth: No Kill is too expensive. Our community cannot afford it.
Fact: No Kill is cost-effective, fiscally responsible, and a great economic boon to local communities. Municipalities who want to enact good policy and improve the local economy should invest in lifesaving at their local shelter. Given the cost savings and additional revenues of doing so (reduced costs associated with killing, enhanced community support, an increase in adoption revenues and other user fees, and additional tax revenues), as well as the community economic impact of adoptions, a community cannot afford not to embrace No Kill. Analysis:
Myth: Open admission shelters can’t be No Kill.
Fact: A No Kill shelter can be either “limited admission” or “open admission.” No Kill only means that no savable animals are put to death, roughly 95% of all intakes. And there are plenty of No Kill animal control shelters and thus No Kill communities to prove it. Analysis:
Myth: You can’t adopt your way out of killing.
Fact: Using the most successful adoption communities as a benchmark and adjusting for population, U.S. shelters combined should be adopting almost nine million animals a year. That is almost three times the number being killed for lack of a home. In fact, it is more than total impounds. But the news gets even better. There are over 23 million people who are going to get an animal next year. Some are already committed to adopting from a shelter. Some are already committed to getting one from a breeder or other commercial source. But 17 million have not decided where that animal will come from and research shows they can be influenced to adopt from a shelter. That’s 17 million people vying for roughly 3 million animals. So even if 80% of those people got their animal from somewhere other than a shelter, we could still zero out the killing. And many communities are proving it. Analysis:
Myth: No one wants to kill.
Fact: In NYS, 71% of rescue groups have been turned away from shelters which then killed the very animals those rescue groups offered to save. In FL, it was 63%. In one CA county, the number of animals transferred to rescue groups, rather than killed, went from zero to 4,000 a year after a law was passed forcing them to work with rescue groups. We need such a law in all 50 states because shelters often kill animals even when those animals have an immediate place to go. Analysis:
The above mentioned lethal frauds would think differently about life, if THEIR pathetic lives were the ones in danger of coming to a “kind” and/or “loving” end .
Our pets do so much for us. They offer us unconditional love. They are always there for us. Now, we have a chance to be there for THEM.
Pets deserve the same Three Universal birthrights that we humans are afforded:
1. The Right to Live
2. The Right to Love.
3. The Right to Be Loved.
With YOUR help, pets CAN be granted these rights.
Please, support….no….DEMAND No Kill Shelters in your community.
Please encourage friends, family and citizens of your community to do the same, by taking the steps listed above (contacting your officials, demanding change, sharing the links that show them how change is achieved, etc.)
On behalf of Pets everywhere, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.