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No Kill: Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way

Please DEMAND that YOUR community becomes No Kill and TNR Friendly.

Please DEMAND that YOUR community becomes No Kill and TNR Friendly.

What happens when you hire a new director who refuses to hide behind excuses and has a passion for saving lives?

Fremont County, CO: “Before [Doug Rae] took over as executive director … every month nearly half the animals in the shelter were put down… In October, only 7 percent of animals in the shelter had to be put down. In November, 1 percent. And last month, no animals in the shelter were killed…”

New director turns Humane Society of Fremont County around:

Madison County, AR: “The euthanasia rate…was at 74% and we’ve been able to decrease that to 2%” thanks to Shonna Harvey.

Madison Co. Pet Shelter Drops Euthanasia Rate to 2%:

Seagoville, TX: “Fewer animals lost their lives all year [under Karl Bailey] than used to be killed in a week.”

Atten-Hut: Sgt. Bailey in Command: (In 2014, Seagoville had a 99% save rate. They did not kill a single cat all year).

Hundreds of cities and towns across America, representing over 7,000,000 people, now have save rates above 90% and the numbers continue to grow; the majority achieved it in six months or less. Killing is a choice. Saving Lives is a choice too. Choose life over killing. Go No Kill.

Do you have what it takes to save lives? We need No Kill advocates to take over shelters across the country.