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Trash the Junk Science, Embrace the Facts about Cats & the Environment!




Please spread the truth….we’ve had enough spreading of the bull$%^t!






How YOU Can Help Save Cats/Kittens in Shelters


“My life matters equally as much as yours. Respect me and my right to live, if you want others to respect you and your right to live.”


Cats and kittens are the animals most often murdered in kill “shelters”….far more than dogs/puppies….but NO ANIMALS SHOULD BE MURDERED IN “SHELTERS” if they are healthy/treatable!



Since cats/kittens are the ones who are killed most often, let’s do something to help them!

Here are the resources you need…please, study them, and implement them in YOUR community, and community by community we WILL stop the killing!


Would You Do It?

If you were able to save the precious lives of pets in YOUR community, would you do it?

If you answered “Yes!”, please click here:

“A Miracle of Love” – A Short Story For Cat Lovers (Halloween Themed)

A Miracle of Love Story by Matthew For Quincy (My Miracle) “A Miracle of Love” Hello Friends, my name is Vernon. This story is about me and my wife, Elsie, and our four-legged family me…

Source: “A Miracle of Love” – A Short Story For Cat Lovers (Halloween Themed)

Please Help Save The Seaside Boardwalk Cats!


The Seaside Heights Animal Welfare Organization has cared for the majestic cats of the Seaside Boardwalk by creating a colony system, which provides well maintained shelters and feeding stations since 2012. Through grants and individual donations, over 300 cats have been trapped, neutered and released at no cost to the tax payers. We all love to see the cats under the Boardwalk but the way they control the rodent population in this tourist hot spot is of huge importance. Recently, the board members who work tirelessly each day to feed and maintain the colonies, have been stripped of their positions leaving the cats without the care they are used to or supportive people who would do anything to protect them. Please sign this petition to help the Mayor of Seaside Heights understand how important these cats are to the public who visit this town regularly and love seeing them. Further, to see how the team leading SSHAWO need to be reinstated to their established place helping the cats in a hands in way. With the upcoming camp outs on the beaches-the cats are of critical importance against rodents that might move in. TNR works and this group is a wonderful part of the town of Seaside Heights. Please sign and share!



Demystified: 5 Reasons Why Cats Adore Boxes

Do you own a cat? Do they love boxes? Whether you’ve just moved home or you have a cardboard box lying around, there’s one thing that you may have already noticed. Your cat has taken up residence i…

Source: Demystified: 5 Reasons Why Cats Adore Boxes

Pets Need YOUR Help!


Shelter killing is the leading cause of death for healthy dogs and cats in the United States. Today, an animal entering a shelter has only one chance in two of making it out alive, and in some places it is as low as one in ten, with shelters blaming a lack of available homes as the cause of death. And yet, statistics reveal that there are over seven times as many people looking to bring an animal into their home every year as there are animals being killed in shelters because they lack one. Almost half of all animals who enter our nation’s shelters go out the back door in garbage bags rather than out the front door in the loving arms of adopters despite the fact that there are plenty of homes available. And when animal lovers question the excuses used to justify this killing, shelters and their national allies respond, “We are all on the same side,” “We all want the same thing,” “We are all animal lovers” and insist that criticism of shelters and staff is unfair and callous because “No one wants to kill.” The facts, however, tragically and frequently tell a very different story. How can you fix a problem you refuse to admit exists? How can shelters reform their practices when they refuse to have standards and benchmarks that would hold them accountable to the best performing shelters in the nation? They can’t. They don’t. And they won’t. So you will have to do it for them. These guides will show you how:



YOU, the person reading this right now, are the “Grassroots Reformer”!

Please don’t remain silent as pets are murdered. Your voice must be heard in order to save pets! Pets do so much for us. This is what we need to do for them:

1.  Read the guides.

2.  Take action.

3.   Spread the word.

4.   Save Lives.