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PETA Problems: They Killed Tiger Before We Got a Chance to Kill Him Ourselves


Snipped from a current PETA e-mail asking for money:

PETA cares so much about the research lab cat in this e-mail, they gave him a name – Tiger. They mention how he probably liked to get scratched behind the ears and went into happy mode at mealtimes.  And they condemn the research facility who killed him and claim that “more than half of the cats” were killed at the facility in recent years.  Oh and money – send money.

Setting aside the issue of research animals for the moment, I want to draw attention to PETA’s annual report to the state of VA for 2011.  PETA took in 1214 cats last year – 8 were transferred to other facilities, 5 were adopted, 2 were redeemed by owners and 1198 were killed.  PETA killed 99% of the cats in its care in 2011.  That’s “more than half”, in case your…

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