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PETA In Their Own Words


PETA’s Agenda Regarding Companion Animals: The extermination of all pets and an end to pet ownership. When you combine their kill rate (PETA says they killed over 97% of the animals surrendered to them in 2006) with their stated goal of a “No Birth Nation” for pets, what other possible conclusion could there be?

Killing almost every pet they can get their hands on
no new pets born
an end to pet ownership.

None of your Business: Know who you are doing business with – these companies are PETA supporters (site is updated periodically).

You Can Fool Some of the People, Some of the Time: PETA operates a number of websites under other names – listing here.

Would You Kill for this Job?: From a job posting on PETA’s website for a Field Worker position:
Listed first under “Qualifications”:
“Basic animal-handling skills and euthanasia certification…

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