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An Open Letter to Ingrid Newkirk and PETA

To Ingrid Newkirk & PETA, HOW DARE YOU claim to help animals, and turn your backs on them, by murdering them, thus taking away from them THE greatest gift they have ever been given: LIFE! You h…

Source: An Open Letter to Ingrid Newkirk and PETA


“A Miracle of Love” – A Short Story For Cat Lovers (Halloween Themed)

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Source: “A Miracle of Love” – A Short Story For Cat Lovers (Halloween Themed)

No Kill in a Nutshell: All You Need To Know & Do To Make YOUR Community No Kill

No Kill in a Nutshell: All You Need To Know & Do To Make YOUR Community No Kill. Shelter: To protect from harm, to provide refuge, a safe haven The first time many animals experience neglect an…

Source: No Kill in a Nutshell: All You Need To Know & Do To Make YOUR Community No Kill

The Needle and the Damage Done


In the United States, we kill millions of pets in shelters every year.  Most of them are healthy and friendly – or at least treatable.  And there are enough homes for all of them.  As a society, we have come to accept the killing as “unavoidable” because that’s what we are continually told by those sanctioning and performing the killing.  But that is a lie.

Did you know that some shelter pets are killed for readily treatable conditions such as ear mites, ringworm or obesity?  Others are killed immediately upon intake because a shelter worker is afraid of possibly getting scratched, because it’s close to quitting time, or simply because they are kittens.

Even pets with homes eagerly waiting for them are killed because:

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PETA Partners with a Local AC Unit in Killing 19,000 Animals


PETA strikes again – this time in Lake Elsinore, CA at a facility breeding rodents and reptiles.  One of PETA’s infamous undercover investigations documenting alleged cruelty was brought to the city government.  The city partnered with PETA, local animal control and a number of other organizations to investigate the facility.  On December 16, city spokesman Justin Carlson “said experts will treat any of the reptiles or rodents if they are found to be ill.”

From a series of press releases on the city’s website:

December 13:

Yesterday, the City inspected the facility and found evidence of animal neglect.


PETA spokeswoman Daphna Nachminovitch commented that PETA’s mission in this case is to ensure all animals receive necessary treatment[.]

December 17:

As of noon today, approximately 600 reptiles and 18,400 rodents have been identified and assessed by a team of veterinary experts, rat and reptile specialists, and animal…

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PETA Problems: They Killed Tiger Before We Got a Chance to Kill Him Ourselves


Snipped from a current PETA e-mail asking for money:

PETA cares so much about the research lab cat in this e-mail, they gave him a name – Tiger. They mention how he probably liked to get scratched behind the ears and went into happy mode at mealtimes.  And they condemn the research facility who killed him and claim that “more than half of the cats” were killed at the facility in recent years.  Oh and money – send money.

Setting aside the issue of research animals for the moment, I want to draw attention to PETA’s annual report to the state of VA for 2011.  PETA took in 1214 cats last year – 8 were transferred to other facilities, 5 were adopted, 2 were redeemed by owners and 1198 were killed.  PETA killed 99% of the cats in its care in 2011.  That’s “more than half”, in case your…

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"Why, she wouldn’t even harm a fly…"


President Obama swatted a fly. Always at hand for a chance at free publicity, PETA has condemned the swattage. CNN and a great many other MSM outlets have carried the PETA response but I have yet to see a single one mention the bitter irony that PETA actually kills – not euthanizeskills thousands of homeless pets every year without making a single effort to find them homes. PETA doesn’t even have a “shelter”.* They just take in homeless pets and kill them. Immediately. From intake to freezer in 60 seconds flat. So forgive me MSM but you’ll need to do a leetle better than simply running with the bullshit PETA hands you. Vetting, anyone?

You know at the end of Psycho when the full mental whackedness of Norman Bates is revealed and he decides not to swat a fly because police may be watching and he wants to…

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