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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility



Responsibility. It is said that “with great power comes great responsibility”. Sadly, there are members of society who are in a position so powerful, that their decisions mean the difference between life and death for millions of beautiful, precious individuals. Sadly, these disgraces take this great power and use it…well…. IRRESPONSIBLY. I speak of death camps for pets. You know them as “animal shelters”.

The ironic thing, however, is that these irresponsibles point fingers at others, as a way of trying, unsuccessfully, to dismiss their OWN irresponsibility.(We will refer to these disgraces as “irresponsibles” in this post, because that is what they are).

Nowhere, is this more obvious than in the world of animal sheltering.

One of the main differences, perhaps THE most vital difference, between No Kill Shelters (genuine shelters) and death camps with the words “animal shelter” posted on the front of their slaughterhouse, is their ATTITUDE.

No Kill Shelters, have a “CAN DO” attitude. They raise the animal sheltering bar high, for they are RESPONSIBLE enough to know that their jobs have put them in a position of great power, and with great power, great responsibility must be present, or tragedy will surely follow. No Kill Shelters are also run by genuine animal lovers, thus explaining why they are NO KILL. Love doesn’t kill. It only loves….protects…and provides SHELTER!

Kill “shelters” (fraudulent “shelters” that are nothing more than houses of death) on the other hand, have a horrible “NO can do” attitude. They have a defeatist’s attitude. They have already failed at their job before they even get out of bed in the morning, because they have decided to NOT raise the animal sheltering bar high, but to instead let it fall right onto the floor. They are too busy having a ‘pity party’ for themselves, where they think “Boo hoo….poor us….society are irresponsible monsters who abuse and hoard animals and dump them on us…we deserve better”.

My response: Yeah, cry me a river, you selfish irresponsibles!! But when your tears dry, realize this: MURDERING INNOCENT SOULS ONLY COMPOUNDS THE TRAGEDY, IT DOES NOT REMEDY IT. It is NOT the job of a “shelter” to feel sorry for THEMSELVES. A SHELTER’S JOB IS TO FEEL EMPATHY FOR THE ANIMALS….AFTER ALL..THE ANIMALS ARE THE ONES WHO ARE  SOMETIMES ABANDONED, ABUSED, ETC, not the irresponsibles working at the “shelter”.

Furthermore, any “shelter” Director, Operator, Employee, etc. that sees a beautiful soul come through their doors, and thinks, “Great, another animal dumped on us” needs to get their sorry buttocks out of the “shelter” and into another line of work. Because GARBAGE is “dumped”. Our fellow animals are NOT garbage. They are our EQUALS, and this IRRESPONSIBLE language that some “shelters” use, equating their inhabitants to “garbage” is ignorant, arrogant, and wrong. If you don’t even have the respect and regard for a fellow living soul, to think of the animal FIRST, and yourself second, you are an IRRESPONSIBLE, who needs to find a new line of work (perhaps the sanitation department). This isn’t a game. You’re not working in a shoe store. THIS IS ABOUT LIFE AND DEATH!

The RESPONSIBLE shelter sees a beautiful, fellow living soul come through their doors, thinks, “Aww, don’t worry baby, you’re safe now. We will make any abandonment, abuse, neglect, etc. that you may (OR MAY NOT HAVE) suffered in the past, a distant memory, and replace them with love, happiness, healing, compassion, and a reverence for your precious life, you beautiful soul. WE PROMISE…we will shelter you, until we find you a good, loving forever home.”

THAT is how a genuine SHELTER operates!

Of course orphanages would LOVE for parents to be responsible or to live forever!

Of course domestic violence shelters would LOVE for everyone to treat their partners tenderly and lovingly!

Of course animal shelters would LOVE for every pet owner to be responsible and patient with their pets!

But in an imperfect world, things are, by definition, not perfect. That is the reason why shelters exist! To SHELTER those in need! Shelters exist, not for workers to complain about having to help someone, they exist so that workers can be compassionate enough and RESPONSIBLE enough to take on the challenge and PRIVILEGE OF BEING ABLE TO HELP SOMEONE, and to FEEL GOOD to have an opportunity to provide SHELTER, and to make a fellow living soul’s life better, and to make that fellow living soul FEEL GOOD! That’s a GOOD THING. Don’t complain about it! Be grateful that you are in such a powerful position where you can be RESPONSIBLE for someone’s safety, well being, and their very SURVIVAL! That’s a privilege, not a burden! That’s an opportunity to SAVE A LIFE, not to end a life!  You are in a position of  great power, and you must meet it with great RESPONSIBILITY!

Let’s also get another thing straight: The MAJORITY of pet lovers in the world are good, caring, RESPONSIBLE individuals, who do without, so that their companion animals can have what they want, need, enjoy, etc. We buy Christmas gifts for our Soulmates on 4 legs, we celebrate their birthdays. we play with them, we sleep with them, eat with them, watch TV with them, read books with them, etc. We would DIE for them! So, when you hear an irresponsible calling pet lovers “irresponsible”, correct them, and tell them to have a Starbucks, and to wake up from their hibernation of ignorance.

It’s a shame, that I need to tell those who run “shelters” what their job is, but since they are too busy IRRESPONSIBLY blaming the public, for THEIR (the shelter’s) IRRESPONSIBLE mass murdering of animals, and portraying everyone else in society as blood thirsty vampires with a ‘cruelty to animals gene’ who are out hunting for animals to abuse, even though ABUSE AND MURDER IS MOST RAMPANT INSIDE OF A “SHELTER” NOT OUTSIDE OF IT, AND EVEN THOUGH THIS RAMPANT ABUSE AND MURDER IS COMMITTED BY “SHELTER” OPERATORS AND EMPLOYEES, NOT BY THE PUBLIC,  I’ll tell them what their job is, and what their job is NOT:

It is NOT the job of a “shelter” to complain and feel sorry for themselves, about having to shelter animals.

It IS the job of a shelter to THINK SOLELY of what is best for the animals (Loving the animals, treating the animals, keeping their cages clean, feeding them, giving them water, playing with them, sharing love with them, etc)

It is NOT the job of a “shelter” to point fingers at the public, and blame them for the animals being there. Whatever happened is in the past. You cannot control it. But YOU CAN & YOU WILL control the future fate of the animal! Will you RESPONSIBLY SHELTER the animal, or will you IRRESPONSIBLY MURDER the animal? Whatever you choose, is on YOU and YOU ALONE. Not fair? Tough luck. It’s your job, so you might as well do what’s RIGHT (saving the animal)  instead of doing what’s WRONG (murdering the animal).

It IS the job of a shelter to not concern themselves with HOW or WHY the animals are there, but to instead concern themselves with SHELTERING the animals. The animals are there. Nothing else matters. All that matters is WHAT WILL YOU DO, AND HOW WILL YOU SHELTER THEM, NOW THAT THEY ARE THERE? You have a job to do…take care of the animals, feed them, treat them if necessary, and SHELTER them, while you search for a good loving home for them (as opposed to sitting on your rumps and waiting for the perfect family to walk through the door).

The antithesis of “sheltering” is when a “shelter” murders a healthy/treatable animal. THAT’S NOT “SHELTERING”, THAT’S MURDERING.


It IS the job of a shelter to SHELTER animals. BY definition, this requires that the shelter be a safe haven, that protects and SHELTERS animals from harm (abuse and death), and the only genuine shelter is a No Kill shelter, because only they, by their ACTIONS, meet the requirements of a genuine shelter, by definition.And only they take the great power bestowed upon them and use that power with GREAT RESPONSIBILITY as their guide. And it is IRRESPONSIBLE and just plain WRONG to murder healthy/treatable animals, and No Kill shelters are RESPONSIBLE enough to know that.

The following words should be inscribed on the front door, or on the wall of the lobby, or entrance area of every animal shelter in the world, to remind everyone of the purpose of animal shelters:

Ask not what companion animals can do for you, ask what YOU can do FOR companion animals.


Nowhere, will you find a dictionary, with “SHELTER” defined as : “To kill innocent souls who are equal to you in every way. To disregard life. To be irresponsible. To be a Murderer.”

Because that is NOT a “shelter”. And neither are facilities that murder their inhabitants, instead of sheltering them.

And that is a Universal Truth.


*Note: PETA, HSUS, and the ASPCA are also irresponsibles. I hope that you, the RESPONSIBLE individual reading this right now, will NOT support these groups, but will, instead support RESPONSIBLE ones, that save lives. A few are mentioned, below:


North Shore Animal League America: The world’s first (atleast to my knowledge) and largest No Kill Organization. AWESOME!



The No Kill Advocacy Center: A fantastic, dedicated group, who, through public education, are showing more and more cities how to become No Kill.



Alley Cat Allies: America’s (perhaps the world’s) most effective advocates for the humane treatment of cats. These wonderful folks are TNR (Trap, Neuter (or spay), and Return) experts, who know more about cats than just about everybody.



Nathan Winograd: He created the No Kill Advocacy Center and is the leader of the modern day No Kill Movement. His knowledge and expertise are indispensable.He has created No Kill shelters, and has inspired the No Kill cause to new heights. Winograd also exposes the frauds in PETA, HSUS ,and ASPCA in his wonderful blog, which can be found on his website.





“My life matters equally as much as yours. Respect me and my right to live, if you want others to respect you and your right to live.”