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“A Miracle of Love” – A Short Story For Cat Lovers (Halloween Themed)

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Source: “A Miracle of Love” – A Short Story For Cat Lovers (Halloween Themed)


PETA – A Monster That MUST Be Euthanized

“The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it” – A Nazi Dictator (Guess Who?)

When someone portrays themselves as being one thing, while actually being the opposite, especially while engaged in lethal deceptions, they are called “Wolves in Sheeps’ Clothing”. (No offense to Wolves. But I WOULD be HAPPY if PETA gets offended by this post.) PETA are the opposite of what they claim to be. They are a lethal lie. They are a cancer that takes the “rights” out of the “animal rights” movement. They MURDER animals, they don’t save them. They are UNETHICAL, despite their nice little name. They LIE, while calling it “truth”. They MURDER, while calling it “Saving”. They call their murders “loving”, when in reality, they are utterly devoid of love. They call themselves “animal rights activists” while admitting that they “DON’T believe that animals have a right to live”. They are a walking contradiction. They are a verbal incoherency incarnate. They DEPICT animal suffering, but do NOTHING to stop it. They DO NOT go to a fur/meat farm in China and stand in between savage killers and the cats/dogs who the savages want to murder and eat. Instead, they get naked in the MEDIA capital of the world (New York City) and *say* that they do it to stop the savages a million miles away, with NOBODY standing in between them and the animals they look to kill and eat, because PETA wanted a photo-op more than they wanted to stop animals being killed/eaten. They get naked NOT for animals, but for ATTENTION, because getting in the news attracts people to your website……the one full of “Donate Now” buttons, but devoid of “Click To Help Us Pass Legislation To Save Cats/Dogs Now” buttons. They MURDER cats and dogs..they don’t save them. Want proof? Look at what PETA did to these animals, who were HEALTHY/TREATABLE and had plenty of life to live BEFORE PETA DID THIS:

There, you HAVE PROOF. Now, what are you going to do with it? Ignore it, and side with the animal murderers at PETA? Or have the courage to side with PETA’s VICTIMS…the animals whom you claim to “love”? WHOM DO YOU PLEDGE YOUR ALLEGIANCE TO? To Animals? Or to their killers in Norfolk Virginia.

PETA are exploiters of animals whom they turn their backs on, in favor of bleached blondes with fake boobs.  All flash. No substance. All donations given TO them in the name of animals by animal lovers. All donor money used BY them, to MURDER THE VERY ANIMALS THE DONORS INTENDED TO SAVE.

PETA have become a monster that Dr. Frankenstein himself wouldn’t dare bring to life, in order to cause so much death.

A brief lesson on why NOT to create a monster, and why, now that it has been created, IT, and IT ALONE must be the only one destroyed:


Example 1.

PETA has long been accused of stealing animals in neighborhoods around Norfolk, VA, and putting them to death. We now have definitive proof. A surveillance video shows a PETA van and employee walking up to someone’s porch and taking their dog. That dog is now dead. A little girl is devastated. PETA has no comment:

Why does PETA round up and kill family companions? Why do they call for the round up and killing of community cats? Why do they support the killing of every pit bull in every shelter in America? Why do they fight shelter reform laws? Why do they tell shelters not to foster animals and not to work with rescue groups? Why do they defend abusive shelters? And why do they kill 95% of all animals they seek out—about 30,000 over the last 11 years—including healthy kittens and puppies?

Is it because Ingrid Newkirk is mentally ill? Is PETA a political death cult? How do they convince young animal lovers who arrive on their doorstep and turn them into unrepentant animal killers? At this time in history, we do not yet know the answers to these dark and disturbing questions. Yet even if we can merely speculate about the why and the how 2,000 animals die at the hands of PETA employees each and every year and why they steal family pets only to put them to death, ethics compel every animal lover to see beyond the façade PETA has created to mask the ugly and sordid truth about what that organization really is. Because for all we do not know, this much is certain: PETA is letting loose upon the world individuals who not only maniacally believe that killing is a good thing and that the living want to die, but who are legally armed with lethal drugs which they have already proven—29,426 times in the last decade—that they are not adverse to using.

In the last 11 years, 29,426 animals have died at PETA’s hands including those they themselves described as “healthy,” “adorable,” and “perfect.” In some cases, this includes animals they promised to find homes for, only to put them to death within minutes in the back of a van—a donor-funded mobile death squad on wheels. It includes kittens and puppies. According to Ingrid Newkirk, PETA is “not in the home finding business.” Its mission is to put animals to death. PETA has no adoption hours, it does not keep animals alive long enough to find homes, and it does no adoption promotion. You can learn more in Nathan Winograd’s Huffington Post expose by clicking here. How is this legal? PETA is registered in Virginia as an animal shelter.


Example 2.

In 2014, PETA took in 1,605 cats in 2014 and killed 1,536 (a kill rate of 96%). They transferred another 43 to kill shelters. If they were killed or displaced others who were killed, that would put the cat kill rate as high as 98%. They found homes for only 16, an adoption rate of 1%.

PETA also took in 1,021 dogs of which they killed 788 (a kill rate of 77%). Another 210 were transferred to kill shelters. Like the cats, if they were killed or displaced others who were killed, the dog death rate would also be as high as 98%.


Example 3.


The PETA scum, who have long *claimed* to be against hunting, has once again proven themselves to be a bunch of hypocritical, animal killing ba$tards. They have sided WITH hunters AGAINST animals!

We shouldnt be surprised though…during the “Horse slaughter” debate, PETA sided WITH the meat industry, IN FAVOR of the Horse slaughter!

If PETA asks you for a donation, just say “NEIGH”.


Example 4.

2015: Courageous Former PETA Employee Breaks Silence, Exposes PETA’s Closet Full of Skeletons (Literally and figuratively)

As media outlets across the country highlight PETA’s killing, as millions of animal lovers become informed of their true agenda, as the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (VDACS) opens an inquiry into PETA’s killing, as elected officials call for an investigation of PETA, and as the Virginia Legislature successfully passed a bill to stop PETA’s killing, former PETA employees are finally speaking out.

In an article, one of those former employees writes:

“I know from first hand experience that the PETA leadership has no problem lying. I was told regularly to not enter animals into the log, or to euthanize off site in order to prevent animals from even entering the building. I was told regularly to greatly overestimate the weight of animals whose euthanasia we recorded in order to account for what would have otherwise been missing ‘blue juice’ (the chemical used to euthanize), because that allowed us to euthanize animals off the books. I was told regularly to say whatever I had to say in order to get people to surrender animals to me, lying was not only acceptable, it was encouraged… Contrary to what PETA maintains, the majority of animals it takes in are not beyond hope, in my experience many would be considered highly adoptable by a shelter, the ‘better off dead’ line is one that is dragged out in order to excuse what they do–and it’s a lie.”

You can read it here:


Example 5.

As many of you know, following the arrest of two PETA employees for the theft and killing of Maya, a family’s dog, the No Kill Advocacy Center petitioned the State Veterinarian at the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (VDACS) to revoke PETA’s status as a “shelter” for violations of law including larceny, state holding periods, and state regulations regarding the killing of animals in shelters:

– The Virginia Federation of Humane Societies which writes that “PETA is ‘using’ its status as a ‘shelter’ to the great detriment of animals in the Commonwealth [of Virginia]”:

– A Virginia state senator who has called for an investigation of PETA, writing that “they are worthy of intense review and scrutiny”:

Now, the Richmond SPCA adds its voice as it Stand for Maya. Read their letter to VDACS:


Example 6.

The theft and killing of Maya is merely the latest in a long line of untoward actions on the part of PETA which uses its status as a shelter to acquire animals for the purpose of killing them and to have access to sodium pentobarbital, the controlled substance used to poison the animals. Since the late 1990s, PETA has killed over 30,000 animals, roughly 2,000 animals a year including kittens and puppies.

Here is the data, self-reported by PETA to the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services, showing roughly 9 out of 10 animals they seek out are killed by them:

Here is an inspection report by the Virginia State Vet showing PETA kills 90% of animals within 24 hours without even trying to find them homes:


Example 7.

Here is an OpEd piece written by PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk which appeared in newspapers across the country where PETA says it supports a policy that all pit bulls should be killed in all shelters in America:


Example 8.

Here is a newspaper article about the 2007 trial of PETA employees after they were found to be rounding up and killing animals in the back of a van after promising to find them homes:


Example 9.

Here is the news station report of PETA stealing a little girl’s
“happy and healthy” dog and killing him:


Example 10.

Here is a video made by Shelby County KY shelter volunteers after PETA celebrated when that shelter announced it was going to resume killing after four years as a No Kill shelter:


Example 11.

Here is a letter written by PETA to a Mayor telling him to kill all pit bulls, not to foster animals, and not to work with rescue groups:


Example 12.

If, after viewing this: you still support PETA, please be aware that you are as big of an “animal loving” fraud as PETA is.


I could go on, and on, and on, but my goal wasn’t to write a sequel to “War and Peace” as lengthy as the original, my goal was to prove that PETA is an animal murdering monster, and it is my hope that genuine animal lovers will come together as ONE, like angry villagers in a monster movie, and eradicate the monster known as PETA.

The PETA monster WILL kill again, if we allow it, and the next victim may be a beloved pet of the animal lover reading this right now.

Long Live Animals/Animal Lovers. Down With PETA!

The (Death) Cult of PETA –

PETA’s Victims (That PETA members PAID PETA to kill):

A Little Halloween Surprise

PETA asks NY Governor to Round Up and Murder Community Cats. Help Us Stop Them!

PETA: Feral cats are better dead than fed –

New Yorkers: Please join us in countering the legions of mindless PETA supporters who will obey PETA’s request to promote the round up and killing of community cats. Ask Gov. Cuomo to sign A.2778:

"My life matters equally as much as yours. Respect me and my right to live, if you want others to respect you and your right to live."

“My life matters equally as much as yours. Respect me and my right to live, if you want others to respect you and your right to live.”

The PETA (Death) Cult

PETA is to “animal rights” what the KKK was/is to “equality”

"I know you're healthy, and want to live, but I'm unhealthy and of unsound mind and want you to die, so , let's just call it a 'loving death', so that the idiots who support me will think this is somehow 'good' for you, though I'd never want someone to do to ME, what I'm gonna do to you."

The image depicted is the sole responsibility of this blogger, protected by this blogger’s First Amendment right. Mr Winograd had nothing to do with the depiction in this post.

The “Unwanted” Lie

There is a horrible lie that pet murdering groups/”shelters” spread around, and they know it’s a lie.

It’s the lie that says that some pets are murdered because they are “unwanted”. Nothing could be further from the truth: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS AN “UNWANTED” PET!

Every Pet is wanted by somebody! It’s a simple issue of pet murderers not caring enough about pets, to get off their lazy, incompetent, indifferent butts, to do WHATEVER IT TAKES TO FIND A WANTED PET A GOOD, LOVING HOME.  So pet murderers figuratively stamp “unwanted” on the WANTED pet and do the expedient, effortless, cowardly, unethical, inhumane, and downright cruel thing: They murder the pet and try to excuse/hide their disgraceful act by using the “unwanted” lie.

Those who do this are scumbags who choose to be pet murdering losers, rather than pet saving heroes.

EVERY Pet is wanted by SOMEBODY!!