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The Animal Wrongs Movement

Source: The Animal Wrongs Movement


An Open Letter to Ingrid Newkirk and PETA

To Ingrid Newkirk & PETA,

HOW DARE YOU claim to help animals, and turn your backs on them, by murdering them, thus taking away from them THE greatest gift they have ever been given: LIFE!

You have NO RIGHT, taking away from them, THEIR RIGHT TO LIVE long, beautiful, happy, healthy, loving lives, free from being murdered by homicidal maniacs such as yourselves!



If you want an “exit” from life, please seek medical assistance, and you can overcome your depression/hopelessness, and see the beauty of life, like animals do!

But you have NO RIGHT to rape others of THEIR lives!

ANIMALS WANT TO LIVE!  HOW DARE YOU suggest otherwise!  You are NOT speaking for animals when you spout lies from your wretched lips.

ANIMALS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES, all the time: A dog running AWAY from the dog catcher. A cat running AWAY from a growling dog in pursuit of them. Why are they running? BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO BE HARMED! BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO DIE!


A happy wagging of the tail….. a happy Meow to welcome a new day, because ANIMALS WANT TO LIVE!

Pets finding the most comfortable place in the house to relax and enjoy themselves. Pets running to happily enjoy their meals. Pets playing with each other and with their human animal buddies. Pets enjoying happiness from the gentle loving touch of the human who loves them and correctly considers them their SOULMATES!


So, it’s all pretty simple: Unless you wish to enhance an animal’s life, KEEP YOUR FILTHY, LETHAL HANDS OFF OF THEM!

You have NO MORE of a right to murder a cat or dog, than a fur farm does to murder a fox, or mink.

You have NO MORE of a right to murder an animal, than a hunter does.

I find it intolerable that YOU are one of the biggest murderers of animals on Earth, while lying, by claiming to be “ethical”. Murder is NOT ethical. Never has been. Never will be. And the killing of a healthy/treatable animal, which accounts for 99% of the animals you kill…….that is MURDER!  YOU ARE UNETHICAL!

What have we learned?

  2. YOU want animals to die. What YOU want is irrelevant. Individuals are free to live, love and be loved.
  3. YOU are mass murderers of animals who WANT TO LIVE!
  4.  The vast majority of animals that you murder are HEALTHY/TREATABLE.
  5. What a deadbeat “owner” wants YOU to do to an animal does NOT matter. The ETHICAL thing to do to an animal surrendered to you by their owner is to LOVE THEM, PROTECT THEM, AND FIND THEM A LOVING FAMILY, AND THERE ARE PLENTY OF THOSE.You are so demented that you consider a “warm, loving home” to be a form of “slavery”, and you say that the act of loving pets is “cruel”. Yet, you murder FERALS, who are NOT, according to your ill-ogic, bound by the “chains” of warm loving “slavery”. So, according to your ill-ogic, pets in homes should die because they are “slaves”, and pets who don’t have homes should die because they don’t have homes! Murderers rarely grasp logic. You are no different than any other murderers in being “logically challenged”. By the way, YOU live in a HOME too! You, by your own ill-ogic must be “slaves”. Yet YOU afford yourselves the luxury of being allowed to live…..a luxury you STEAL AWAY from animals, as you STEAL AWAY their precious lives. You are diseased in mind and soul..if you have a soul…animals certainly do. Fact: ANIMALS WANT TO LIVE!

Oh, and do me a favor: STOP LYING by filling people’s heads with that “unwanted pet” lie. There are NO unwanted pets. For EVERY pet, there is someone, somewhere, who WANTS that pet.

You, like the broken status quo “shelter” system you help to devolve, only use that “unwanted pet” lie so that you can make your murder of innocents more expedient. FACT: FOR EVERY PET, THERE IS SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, WHO WANTS THEM. You just have to care enough (which rules YOU out) to work up a sweat, and use online networking, to help connect that WANTED pet with the human who WANTS Him/Her. NSALAmerica finds pets homes that way. Best Friends Animal Society finds pets homes that way. EVERY animal lover with online access, has, at one time or another, used the world wide web to help pets find homes SUCCESSFULLY.

YOU, are the exception to the many pet lovers who find pets homes. Because you don’t WANT to find pets homes. Because you DON’T love pets. After all, it would be hard to “do away with this notion of pets altogether” (a quote from Ingrid Newkirk), and it would be downright impossible to “Neuter and kill our way to pet extinction” (another quote from Ingrid Newkirk) if you were busy SAVING pets.

No, you MURDER pets in a futile attempt to try and fulfill Newkirk’s wishes of pets becoming extinct. YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED.

In summary, your demented mass murder of animals who are healthy/treatable, is not fooling anyone.

The jig is up; Your little “we care about animals” act has been exposed for what it is: an act!

If you cared about animals, you would save them. YOU kill them instead, even though the vast majority are healthy/treatable.

Your words = meaningless.

Your actions = The truth about who you are = animal murderers.

You CANNOT defend your indefensible acts of murdering healthy/treatable animals!

You are a disgrace. And understand this, as well: Your wish to make pets extinct (or, in the words of Ingrid Newkirk, to “do away with this notion of pets altogether”) WILL NOT HAPPEN.

Pets/pet lovers will exist long after your sorry charade for an “animal advocacy” group has blown away in the wind, back into the nothingness from which you came.

The notion of “PETA” is what WILL be done away with.

You, the cancer that is “PETA”, will be the only ones going extinct.

Because the love that pets/pet lovers share is what will cure the world of your cancerous existence.

On Behalf Of,

Pets and Pet Lovers Everywhere

P.S. Anyone interested in learning more about PETA’s betrayal/mass murder of animals, can learn more, by visiting the sites below:

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