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I Challenge PETA Members/Supporters to Answer This Question, Going By The Rules

THE QUESTION:  If PETA told you “Come visit us tomorrow and we’ll give you a ‘loving death'”, would you do it?

THE RULES: One word answer (Either “YES” or “NO”) only.

After answering the question for YOURSELF, scroll down, below the t-shirt graphic….

RESCUE the mistreated......SAVE the injured......LOVE the abandoned....THAT is what TRUE animal lovers do...

RESCUE the mistreated……SAVE the injured……LOVE the abandoned….THAT is what TRUE animal lovers do…

If you answered “YES”, you are a liar.

If you answered “NO”, you are a hypocrite for doing to others, or supporting something being done to others, what you would NEVER want done to YOU!!

Either way, it’s time to rethink your life. You have more potential than to settle for a life of homicidal madness. You can make a POSITIVE change in the world, by SAVING, not murdering others, and by advocating that others be SAVED, not murdered.


Live, Let Live.

Love, Let Love.

Be Loved. Let Others Be Loved.

This is the pure, correct, Universal Law of Ethics