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No Kill Means No Compromising and NOBODY left behind


By Nathan Winograd

Our Eyes on the Real Prize: Reaching Higher and Why I Now Disown My Progeny, the 90% Rule

The City of Irvine’s shelter in California saves 91% of the animals. For people living in communities that kill that percentage, it must sound like nirvana. And there is no question that with shelters in this country killing roughly 40% of animals on average, many killing twice that percentage, and some killing over 90%, the City of Irvine is a better shelter than many, if not most. But is it nirvana for the animals? It is not. Is it No Kill? No.

Rescuers and employees at that shelter have recently come forward and documented abuse and killing of savable animals, including a veterinarian who referred to himself as “Dr. Death.” Why does he call himself that? Because he apparently admits he enjoys killing animals—animals who have adopters waiting, animals…

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