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This neanderthal/ho must pay the piper

I have always admired veterinarians, for their compassion towards animals as well as their ability and instincts to care for patients that could never tell them what was wrong or were it hurt.

Veterinarians take an oath to promote animal health and welfare and to also work to relieve animal suffering. However veterinarian Kristen Lindsey from Texas seemed to miss that part when last week she posted a picture of herself posing with the body of a dead cat. She had shot the orange tabby cat with a bow and arrow and was boasting about the kill on Facebook where she can be seen smiling with the body. The image besides inciting a great deal of anger, reminded me of how trophy hunters pose with their kills.

The image was blurred on some media but the original can be seen here

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Along with the disgusting image, the caption on theā€¦

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