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Animal Sheltering in the Words of Those Who Don’t and Those Who Do


No kill is not real, in the words of killing apologists:

“[P]lease don’t believe that no kill shelters work.  They simply do not.” – Ed Smith, ACO Humane Society of Carroll Co in MD

“When you have a no-kill shelter, someone else is going to have to kill.” – Connie Kondravy, co-founder Organization for Responsible Care of Animals in PA

Compare to the words of people who were there when their shelters stopped killing pets:

“When I hear someone deny that No Kill communities are possible, I think of a shelter in upstate New York, a place where one day it looked sickeningly hopeless, and the next day everything changed.” – Valerie Hayes, former volunteer at Tompkins Co SPCA in NY

I never knew how big of a change we could make, I just kept thinking, if we can save one scared kitten just by holding it…

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