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When We Come Together, Great Things Happen

While you may have gotten sick of all of the “Virginia Residents, Please Call the Governor and ask him to sign SB 1381” notices, I dont apologize for posting them over and over on WordPress and other social networks. When you have a passion inside you, it burns like an eternal flame…only longer.

When lives are at stake, the time for jerking around is over and the time for action is yesterday!

Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe SIGNED SB 1381 into law recently, and I want to say THANK YOU to everybody who helped.

You are heroes. Because of you, THOUSANDS of beautiful Pets will be saved every year.

Let me tell you WHY getting this particular Bill passed and SIGNED into law was so important:

There has never been a shortage of good hearted pet lovers, who consider pets family (rightly so, because PETS ARE FAMILY). But sometimes, we fall into that, “Well, I’m just one individual..what difference can I make?” trap, and do nothing. When thousands of other “you’s” are doing the same thing, YOU are an army, that can accomplish anything you desire.

SB 1381’s Passage & Signing proves that.

Another reason why SB 1381 was so important, was because it was historical. You see, alot of people dont realize the nauseating amount of politics, lies, greed, and public relations considerations that permeates society’s status quo, no matter the institution, be it the Military, Wall Street, Pharmaceutical groups, TV Networks, Religion, Newspapers, Hollywood, and yes, some “Animal Rights Groups”.

Everybody is looking to “sell” their “product”. And you cant sell a product that makes people sick or mad, can you? Thus, the frauds within the animal rights community…frauds like PETA, the HSUS, the ASPCA and death camps for pets with the words “Animal Shelter” printed on their facility, aren’t going to be honest with you…honesty doesnt sell. Bullflop sells. Because when you are talking about money, dignity and honor go out the window and in flies the blood sucking vampires known as greed, deception, corruption, and murder.

Many people dont realize that the very groups who are considered to be “friends of animals” are, in fact, the enemies of animals, who seek to harm…indeed, MURDER animals.

But “how can that be? They do so much for animals?” some might respond. SEE how good those public relations people are? They’ve got half of society brainwashed into believing that a group is ‘shinola’, when they are in fact, sh*t. But a good salesman/woman can make sh*t look like 24K Gold if they are talented, and deceptive enough.

Lets use, as our prime example, the ANIMAL MURDERING FRAUDS known as PETA. Do you know that PETA fought SB 1381’s passage and signing with the viciousness of a honey badger on a bad day? It’s true. Think about that……PETA…a group “that does so much for animals” or so some are brainwashed into thinking, OPPOSED LEGISLATION THAT WILL SAVE THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS! So, what a group *says” isnt worth the paper we wipe our a$$es with. It’s what you DO that defines you, and PETA’s actions on SB 1381 and MANY other Animal friendly Bills define PETA as a bunch of fraudulent, unethical, homicidal cultists, who seek to MURDER animals, instead of saving them. PETA spent the animal lovers’ DONATIONS, not on saving animals, but on trying to be able to continue to KILL ANIMALS! They even hired (with donor money, that donors think goes to “doing good for animals”, but which in fact goes to “killing legislation, so that PETA can continue to KILL animals”) a well known, and POWERFUL lobbyist to try and use their “influence” to kill SB 1381, knwoing that it would also kill thousands of animals every year.

That is the main reason why SB 1381 was created in the first place: To stop this group that donors think “does so much for animals” from KILLING HEALTHY/TREATABLE/ADOPTABLE ANIMALS!

Where is PETA’s headquarters: VIRGINIA.

What is SB 1381: VIRGINIA State Legislation.


PETA’s modus operandi is classic: They exploit animals, (such as those on fur farms, factory farms, etc) so that good hearted animal lovers will be drawn in by the group’s pleas to “Help these poor babies”, while including a donation button at the bottom of the page. PETA doesnt actually DO much to save these animals….taking off their clothes on a New York Street Corner will not save that Fox about to be cruelly killed in China. Not one Cow has been saved from slaughter because PETA used their millions of dollars to purchase the slaughterhouse and agreed to pay the employees NOT to murder animals (which PETA has the money to do) so that they could turn it into an animal sanctuary……not one Orca or Dolphin has been driven out of Seaworld in a tank of water on a giant truck and taken back to their rightful place in the ocean by PETA. But PETA’s goal isn’t to save cows from slaughter, or dolphins and orcas from Seaworld…if that WAS their goal, they would use their multi-million dollar bank account and put their money where their mouths are. No, their goal is to show animals suffering in terrible ways in order to make you enraged and sad, to the point that the “Donate Now” button on the bottom of the page looks like a warm blanket on a sub zero degree night. THAT is exploitation.

PETA makes as much money showing off suffering animals, while inserting a “donate now” button below the heart wrenching photos, as Seaworld does making Orcas and Dolphins jump out of the water for a little fish and meaningless approval of the crowd who doesnt know better, and who paid to see the “show”.

SB 1381 WAS CREATED TO PROTECT ANIMALS FROM PETA! Now, I ask you the following question: If PETA are about SAVING animals, why was a law necessary to protect animals FROM peta?

Because PETA doesn’t care about saving animals…if they did, they would have supported SB 1381. Instead they OPPOSED it and hired a lobbyist to try and shoot it down, so that they could continue to MURDER ANIMALS as much as their dark hearts desire.

PETA, the HSUS, ASPCA, and others have a history of shooting down legislation that would have SAVED animals, if not for these same “animal rights groups” (PETA, HSUS, ASPCA, et al) killing the legislation, and with it, killing millions of animals in sh*tholes disguised as “shelters” ever year.

Dont believe everything you think. Dont believe everything you’re told.
Dont trust these anti-animal frauds. Dont believe everything you’re sold.


A Rose For Everyone Who Cared Enough To Tell the Governor To Save Us! Thank You For Speaking On Our Behalf. Love, Virginia's Shelter Pets

A Rose For Everyone Who Cared Enough To Tell the Governor To Save Us! Thank You For Speaking On Our Behalf.
Virginia’s Shelter Pets