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Oklahoma Residents! URGENT Gas Chamber Action Needed A.S.A.P.


This week is the last opportunity for the gas chamber ban bill to be heard in committee! The bill has been assigned to the House Agriculture Committee, but so far it has not been scheduled for a hearing. If it does not receive a hearing when the committee meets this Wednesday, the bill will be dead for the year. We have heard that the committee is not planning to hear the bill. Apparently there is opposition from the Oklahoma Pork Council who fear that if gas chambers are banned in Oklahoma animal shelters, then next they will be banned in commercial pork production facilities. The gas chamber ban bill (HB1367) is very specific in that it only addresses ‘animal shelters’, nevertheless the opposition from the pork council apparently remains, hence the decision not to hear the bill. We need lots of calls and emails to the chair and vice chair of the House Agriculture Committee today asking them to please give HB1367, the animal shelter gas chamber ban bill, a hearing! Some facts on the problems associated with carbon monoxide chambers in shelter settings are below:

Carbon Monoxide Chamber Use in Animal Shelters:

CO chambers cannot provide humane euthanasia for shelter populations: Often the animals euthanized in shelters are old, young, ill or injured; none of these animals can be humanely euthanized in a gas chamber. Even healthy adult dogs and cats will suffer stressed just by being placed in the dark, unfamiliar environment of a gas chamber, and may become panicked by the sights, sounds and smells of the equipment and the presence of other animals. For these reasons, CO chambers cannot be relied upon to consistently produce a humane euthanasia for shelter animals, so their use cannot be condoned.

CO chambers put staff risk: A common fallacy is that the use of CO chambers is safer for staff members than euthanasia by injection because it avoids direct handing of animals. In fact, the opposite is true – the use of CO chambers actually poses greater physical and psychological harm to staff. Staff must still handle, transport and place fractious and fearful animals into the CO chamber, and as such are at risk of bites and scratches. Even otherwise friendly, tractable animals may react adversely when forced into a small, dark, confined space like a CO chamber. And the use of the CO chamber equipment itself poses a grave risk to caretakers, as animal care workers have been injured and killed by carbon monoxide gas.

CO chambers are more costly: A CO chamber must be commercially manufactured and properly equipped and maintained or its operation will be painful and inhumane even for healthy adult dogs and cats. Studies have proven that it is actually more expensive to operate a CO chamber within the strict operational parameters required than it is to purchase and use approved euthanasia drugs.

Please contact Representative John Enns and Representative Scott Biggs by telephone, email or both and ask them to please schedule HB1367 for a hearing on Wednesday, February 25th. These calls and emails must happen TODAY.

John Enns (Chair of House Agriculture Committee)

(405) 557-7321

Scott Biggs (Vice Chair, House Agriculture Committee)

(405) 557-7405

Thank you for taking action for the animals!