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Maryland Residents! Please Support Maryland CAPA

The Maryland Companion Animal Protection Act (HB0876) would, among other things, end convenience killing in shelters, including making it illegal for shelters to kill animals when rescue groups are willing to save them, make it illegal to kill community cats in a TNR program, require shelters to provide prompt and necessary care to animals, and bring transparency to shelter operations:

If you live in Maryland, we need your help overcoming the opposition of regressive pounds and their allies. Its first hearing is set for March 4.

1. Please contact your local legislator and ask them to sponsor and vote “Yes” on HB0876:

2. Use this form to contact members of the committee hearing the bill to urge a “Yes” vote:…

If you live outside of Maryland, please share this with those who do.

In addition, bring CAPA to your state. Here is the model law: Here is a guide on how to get it introduced in your state: