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Oklahoma Residents! URGENT Gas Chamber Action Needed A.S.A.P.


This week is the last opportunity for the gas chamber ban bill to be heard in committee! The bill has been assigned to the House Agriculture Committee, but so far it has not been scheduled for a hearing. If it does not receive a hearing when the committee meets this Wednesday, the bill will be dead for the year. We have heard that the committee is not planning to hear the bill. Apparently there is opposition from the Oklahoma Pork Council who fear that if gas chambers are banned in Oklahoma animal shelters, then next they will be banned in commercial pork production facilities. The gas chamber ban bill (HB1367) is very specific in that it only addresses ‘animal shelters’, nevertheless the opposition from the pork council apparently remains, hence the decision not to hear the bill. We need lots of calls and emails to the chair and vice chair of the House Agriculture Committee today asking them to please give HB1367, the animal shelter gas chamber ban bill, a hearing! Some facts on the problems associated with carbon monoxide chambers in shelter settings are below:

Carbon Monoxide Chamber Use in Animal Shelters:

CO chambers cannot provide humane euthanasia for shelter populations: Often the animals euthanized in shelters are old, young, ill or injured; none of these animals can be humanely euthanized in a gas chamber. Even healthy adult dogs and cats will suffer stressed just by being placed in the dark, unfamiliar environment of a gas chamber, and may become panicked by the sights, sounds and smells of the equipment and the presence of other animals. For these reasons, CO chambers cannot be relied upon to consistently produce a humane euthanasia for shelter animals, so their use cannot be condoned.

CO chambers put staff risk: A common fallacy is that the use of CO chambers is safer for staff members than euthanasia by injection because it avoids direct handing of animals. In fact, the opposite is true – the use of CO chambers actually poses greater physical and psychological harm to staff. Staff must still handle, transport and place fractious and fearful animals into the CO chamber, and as such are at risk of bites and scratches. Even otherwise friendly, tractable animals may react adversely when forced into a small, dark, confined space like a CO chamber. And the use of the CO chamber equipment itself poses a grave risk to caretakers, as animal care workers have been injured and killed by carbon monoxide gas.

CO chambers are more costly: A CO chamber must be commercially manufactured and properly equipped and maintained or its operation will be painful and inhumane even for healthy adult dogs and cats. Studies have proven that it is actually more expensive to operate a CO chamber within the strict operational parameters required than it is to purchase and use approved euthanasia drugs.

Please contact Representative John Enns and Representative Scott Biggs by telephone, email or both and ask them to please schedule HB1367 for a hearing on Wednesday, February 25th. These calls and emails must happen TODAY.

John Enns (Chair of House Agriculture Committee)

(405) 557-7321

Scott Biggs (Vice Chair, House Agriculture Committee)

(405) 557-7405

Thank you for taking action for the animals!


A No Kill Puerto Rico

The Puerto Rico House of Representatives is working on an analysis pursuant to House Resolution 1024 which orders the Municipal and Regionalization Affairs Commission to undertake an exhaustive investigation concerning free-living animals throughout the archipelago, with the purpose of identifying and developing a plan to address these animals.

Public hearings will be held in March. Of course, it is imperative that only No Kill programs and services be implemented.

On behalf of the No Kill Advocacy Center, I asked them to legislate non-lethal policies at Puerto Rico shelters with a focus on adoption, offer free, high volume sterilization, promote neuter and release as an alternative to killing of free-living animals, and ban the gas killing of animals.

As Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, if you would like to participate, you can send your polite and thoughtful No Kill (No Matar) message to the attention of The Hon. José Rodríguez Quiles, Commission of Municipal Affairs and Regionization here:


My fellow Pet Lovers (especially those in Virginia),

Today, we dealt a BIG blow to PETA’s mass killing of pets (see article below). Virginia’s pet lovers, please…please..voice your support for the No Kill Advocacy Center’s Petition to further hinder PETA’s ability to massacre pets.

By Nathan Winograd

Today, the Virginia House of Delegates overwhelmingly passed SB 1381, requiring shelters in Virginia to be “operated for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes.” In other words, it does what the public already thinks shelters do and what the dictionary says they do. But some don’t. The bill is a response to PETA—which is licensed in Virginia as a shelter—killing over 90% of the animals, with no effort to find them homes and their stealing Maya, a happy and healthy dog, from her porch while her family was out and killing her that very day.

Despite PETA’s intense lobbying effort to derail the vote, despite their hiring a professional lobbyist with donor funds to kill it, despite manipulating their supporters to urge its defeat by lying to them, today’s vote was not even close: 95 to 2. The bill has already passed the Senate. Not only does the outcome prove that participating in the political process—as thousands of Virginians did by writing, email and telephoning their Delegates urging a “yes” vote—can have a profound impact, but it shows that PETA has lost all credibility with the Virginia legislature.

The bill also forced PETA to once again reveal it’s true colors: that an organization claiming to represent the “ethical treatment of animals” would hire a lobbyist at donor expense to defeat an important piece of animal protection legislation demonstrates once again that PETA is not committed to furthering the rights of animals, but rather, to actively subverting them.

While the bill continues to make its way through the legislature and then to the Governor, on behalf of the No Kill Advocacy Center I have asked the Commissioner of the Virginia Department of Agriculture to issue regulations requiring shelters in Virginia to maintain and provide records to the public that cover when and how each animal was taken in, why the animal was taken in, the condition of each animal, what attempts were made to reunite the animal with the family, the kinds of care and treatment each animal received, the disposition of each animal, and if the animal was killed, when and why the animal was killed.

A copy of the petition is available here:

As I write in the petition for rulemaking,

“We believe that by passing the requested regulations, organizations will be less likely to abuse state benefits—benefits such as their ability to acquire the controlled substances used to kill Maya and others—to the detriment of the animals of the Commonwealth and the people who love them…

“We are asking you to pass regulations that will protect families in Virginia, protect animals, assist state regulators in monitoring the activities of its licensees, and provide taxpayers with the information they need to be informed citizens… As Justice Louis Brandeis once wrote, ‘sunlight is… the best of disinfectants.’”

The Commissioner of VDACS “directed staff to prepare and submit” the petition for consideration. The comment period opens today. If you live in Virginia, please email in support of the No Kill Advocacy Center petition. Your voice makes a difference.

If you live in Virginia, please voice your support for the petition:

If you do not live in Virginia, please share it with those who do.

Thank you again my fellow pet loving friends!

No Kill in a Nutshell: All You Need To Know & Do To Make YOUR Community No Kill


Shelter: To protect from harm, to provide refuge, a safe haven

The first time many animals experience neglect and abuse is at the very shelter that is supposed to protect them from it. Our shelters are in crisis. Why? Killing is an act of violence. And not only do people in shelters work at a very place that commits this violence, they have, in fact, been hired to do exactly that. Can we really be surprised when they dont clean thoroughly, dont feed the animals, handle them too roughly, neglect and abuse them, or simply ignore their cries for help? How does shoddy cleaning or rough handling or skipping meals compare with putting an animal to death? Because shelter workers understand that they have the power to kill each and every one of these animals, and will in fact kill most of them, every interaction they have with those animals is influenced by the reality that their lives do not matter, that their lives are cheap and expendable, and that they are destined for the garbage heap. Where there is no right to life; there is no regard for welfare.

Murder and cruelty go hand in hand. In fact, murdering a healthy living soul IS a form of cruelty….it’s the worst form of cruelty in fact, because it’s the only form of cruelty where the animal has ZERO chance of healing.

Fact: Murdering healthy, adoptable pets is NOT “humane”, and it is NOT “kind”. It is CRUEL, and it is WRONG.

We treat pets as though we were omniscient gods‚ lying by deluding others into believing that death is our loving “gift” to them. We have no right to condemn healthy companion animals based on our limited understanding of their realities, as our mission should be exactly the same as children’s advocates: Establish more temporary safe havens, find additional permanent homes, and, most importantly, develop programs that reduce the number of homeless. Do countless children suffer for many years trapped in overcrowded and substandard orphanages?
Of course, as do refugees and millions upon millions of other displaced people, and this suffering is a horrendous tragedy. However, compassionate people seek to remedy these problems through addressing the fundamental causes, not killing the victims.

Killing is done by the uncivilized. By the weak-minded. By the cruel. By murderous NON animal lovers. For love doesn’t kill. It loves, protects, and enhances life.

Saving lives is done by those truly evolved enough to know that a cat’s life means equally as much to Him/Her, that a human animal’s life means to them!

It’s time to get over ourselves. We humans do not have the patent on life. We are but one of millions of species of animals on Earth, (most of whom were here long before us) and we are no more, and no less, deserving of rights, and of life, than anybody else.

To pretend otherwise, is to live a lethal fantasy.

True animal lovers choose to live a compassionate reality.

True animal lovers know that, like humans, our fellow animals are living, breathing, thinking, feeling, loving, soul filled Children of God, equally as much as anybody else.

And as such, animals, including pets, deserve the same Three Universal Birthrights, that everyone else does:

1. The Right to Live.
2. The Right to Love.
3. The Right to Be Loved.

What you have read is The Ultimate Truth…………the ignorance, arrogance and Speciesism of kill “shelters”, PETA, the HSUS, the ASPCA and other pet murdering frauds, notwithstanding.

All Are One. One Is All.

Please, make your community a No Kill community. Be brave. And know that you are on the side of right. Take action. Pets need YOU.

Our Pets are being murdered by the millions every year, in poor excuses for animal “shelters”. There ARE life saving alternatives (see below), but kill “shelter” operators are used to the status quo of killing pets, rather than saving them. YOU can help change that, by checking out the links below, and then demanding that your local “shelter” officials, Mayor, Governor, City Council Members, State Representatives, City Representatives, State Legislators, City Legislators, Senators, etc. actively fight to stop this disgusting massacre of our four legged family members. Ignite your passion into an eternal flame. Fight the good fight. Fight for Pets’ Rights! Thank you.

—— Life Saving Resources ——–

The No Kill Advocacy Center:

CAPA – The Companion Animal Protection Act:

Why Legislating No Kill Matters:!/2015/05/why-legislating-no-kill-matters.html

Proof That ‘Pet Overpopulation’ is a Myth:!/2015/02/pet-overpopulation-myth-meme-and.html

Speciesism – The ROOT of the Killing Problem:

The Truth About PETA:

The Truth About the HSUS:

The Truth About the ASPCA:

Saving 90 (Strive for 100):

World’s First and Largest No Kill Shelter: NSAL America

Saving Feral/Stray/Community Cats:

Alley Cat Allies:

No Kill Benefits the Economy:

My Letter to Virginia Delegates



Tomorrow I will be e-mailing all one hundred Virginia House members, asking them to vote yes on SB 3181. The following is the letter I’ve written to them — I wanted to share it on my blog as well. I’m giving my perspective not just as a former PETA employee but as someone who has experienced animal rescue overseas, and someone who has seen how shelters and rescuers have done so much with so little in order to help the sickest animals I’ve ever seen. Keeping that in mind, I know PETA, with its incredible resources, is capable of more — SB 1381 would require them to rise to that.

Dear Delegate,

I am writing today to ask you to please pass SB 1381. As a former PETA employee who worked in the Community Animal Project (the division that does field and shelter work), I know from firsthand experience that…

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D – Day; VIRGINIA Animal Lovers It’s Now or Never!

By Nathan Winograd

On Monday, the Virginia House of Delegates is going to vote on a bill that will determine whether animals are adopted into homes or are put to death. This is the final vote before it reaches the Governor. SB 1381, which has already passed the Senate, requires shelters in Virginia to be “operated for the purpose of finding permanent adoptive homes and facilitating other lifesaving outcomes for animals”:

In other words, it does what the public already thinks shelters do and what the dictionary says they do. But some don’t. Organizations that simply kill animals would no longer be allowed to do so. And they have the ear of the Virginia Animal Control Association which is lobbying hard against it—and the animals. In addition, it appears PETA has used money people have donated to save animals to hire a professional lobbyist to kill the bill—so they can continue killing the animals without making them available for adoption. See

We need your support.

If you live in Virginia, please contact House members urging a YES vote on SB 1381:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, DelMFariss@house.virginia.go , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

If you do not live in Virginia, share it with those who do.

Monday’s vote determines whether thousands of animals every year live or die.


By: Global Conservation Group

Recently, authorities in Hanoi intercepted thousands of live cats (three tons) that were illegally smuggled in from China for human consumption.

It is illegal to consume cats in Vietnam, however, their regulations also mandate that evidence from smuggling operations must be “destroyed”. On February 2, police forces notified us that “all cats have been buried”. It is unclear whether the cats were killed before being buried or not.

UPDATE – Vietnam authorities confirm that the cats were crushed to death with a dump truck before being buried.

Please PROTEST this savage destruction of life:

Vietnam U.S. Embassy:

Phone Number:(202) 861-0737

Email Addresses:

More Information: (Search for “Vietnam Cats”)

ALL are EQUAL. ALL are SOULS. All are ONE.

ALL are Equal. ALL are Souls. ALL are One.