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PET LOVERS: Tell Virginia Officials to Take Action Against PETA for Killing Dog!

Courtesy of No Kill Nation:

(From December 17th)

‪#‎PETA‬ UNDER FIRE–YOUR ACTION REQUIRED. Thank you No Kill Hampton Roads-#Stand for Maya WE are Maya!

From today’s The Virginian-Pilot / In addition to the requests below, please send a nice email to Lauren King thanking her for staying on top of this very important story.

Read the article here:…/senator-asks-state-review-peta-af…

If you want the killing to stop, we ask that you also:

1. Contact our State Veterinarian, Dr. Carolynn Bissett, in support of the No Kill Advocacy Center’s petition requesting the revocation of PETA’s shelter status.
Contact information: Dr. Bissett

2. Contact VDACS Commissioner Sandra J. Adams, in support of Senator Lewis’ request for “intense review and scrutiny” of PETA regarding Maya’s death.
Contact information: Commissioner Adams

3. Share and ask others to do the same.

For your information and review:

No Kill Advocacy Petition
Senator Lewis letter
Richmond SPCA letter to Dr. Bissett: