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IMPORTANT: Ask Virginia Senator to Take Action Against the PETA Pet Murderers

The Honorable Lynwood W. Lewis, Jr.
Virginia Senate
P.O. Box 760
Accomac, VA 23301

Dear Senator Lewis,

On behalf of our Virginia members and supporters, we are writing to you in the hope that you would consider introducing “Maya’s Law,” a draft of which is enclosed. Maya’s Law would end the practice of killing animals in Virginia shelters when those animals have a lifesaving alternative, a practice already embraced in those shelters dedicated to saving lives. It is a common sense and compassionate approach to protecting animals’ lives and empowering those who want to save them. Such a law is not only necessary, reasonable and an effective means of preventing future tragedies such as the killing of Maya, its passage would also bring your state’s sheltering procedures more in line with the humane, progressive values of the American public…

History reveals that social progress does not occur in a steady, linear fashion. Often, the most groundbreaking change occurs in response to tragic events which throw a pervasive issue into stark relief, giving us an opportunity to define as a people what it is we stand for, as well as what it is we don’t. The decision by PETA to take and kill Maya, a beloved family pet, is one such seminal event.

Sadly, we cannot bring Maya back. And we will forever remember her killing at the hands of PETA as many things: tragic and heartbreaking, chief among them. Nothing can alter that calculus. But we can lessen the futility of Maya’s death if we learn from it, and alter our society in such a way as to prevent such a betrayal from ever happening again. Maya’s Law would accomplish this vital and important outcome, and on her behalf, on behalf of her family, and on behalf of animals and animal lovers all over the great Commonwealth of Virginia, we ask that you introduce it.

Very truly yours,

Nathan Winograd

To read about the theft and killing of Maya by PETA:

For a copy of Maya’s law:

For a copy of the No Kill Advocacy Center petition:

For a copy of the Richmond SPCA letter:

The theft and killing of Maya is merely the latest in a long line of untoward actions on the part of PETA which uses its status as a shelter to acquire animals for the purpose of killing them and to have access to sodium pentobarbital, the controlled substance used to poison the animals. Since the late 1990s, PETA has killed over 30,000 animals, roughly 2,000 animals a year including kittens and puppies. Learn more:

"I know you're healthy, and want to live, but I'm unhealthy and of unsound mind and want you to die, so , let's just call it a 'loving death', so that the idiots who support me will think this is somehow 'good' for you, though I'd never want someone to do to ME, what I'm gonna do to you."

“I know you’re healthy, and want to live, but I’m unhealthy and of unsound mind and want you to die, so , let’s just call it a ‘loving death’, so that the idiots who support me will think this is somehow ‘good’ for you, though I’d never want someone to do to ME, what I’m gonna do to you.”