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Pets LOVE Good, Kind, Comfy Homes

Miscreants like PETA want pets to go extinct, so they claim that pets living in warm loving homes is a form of ‘cruelty’. THAT IS INSANE. It’s time that the delusional PETA, and others (HSUS) stop pretending that they have a clue as to what pets want.

Article by Nathan Winograd

I believe in the rights of animals. But I do not subscribe to some of the dogma of the animal rights movement. When it comes to living with dogs and cats, the animal rights movement gets it WRONG in promoting the view that living with dogs and cats is a violation of their rights:

– “There is simply no way to have an institution of ‘pet’ ownership that is consistent with a sound theory of animal rights.”

– “Let us allow the dog to disappear from our brick and concrete jungles—from our firesides, from the leather nooses and metal chains by which we enslave it.”

– “This selfish desire to possess animals and receive love from them causes immeasurable suffering.”

With the belief that the “solution” to all dog and cat suffering lies in the eventual end of people living with dogs and cats, the animal rights movement not only preaches a view that the lives of dogs and cats are dispensable, their loss and deliberate elimination of no moral consequence, their disappearance from our planet no tragedy to mourn, it embraces an agenda which no other rights-based movement in history has ever subscribed to: the deliberate extinction of those it has pledged to protect.

Interspecies relationships in the world are not rare and they are relationships that humans generally celebrate as evidence of the interconnectedness and beauty of life on Earth. But to those who are supposed to be the standard bearers of our relationships with animals— “leaders” of the animal rights movement—such relationships are “unnatural” and therefore “bad” when one of the parties is a human being. We do not further the cause of animal rights by promoting a double standard between humans and non-humans. After all, the idea that we should do to animals that which we would never propose to do to humans—in this case, seek the willful extinction of a particular group of humans—is the double standard that is to blame for so much suffering and killing of non-humans. Instead, we teach respect, we teach kindness, we teach compassion, and then we work to ensure the collective obedience to those values through legal rights, a prescription for change which every other social justice movement that has come before ours has used and used successfully.