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PETA Shames Medina Co for No Longer Killing Cats

PETA: Pissants Exterminating Terrific Animals


Allegra, a cat at the Medina Co SPCA, judges your stupidity. Allegra, a cat at the Medina Co SPCA, judges your stupidity.

PETA kills animals – mainly dogs and cats in need of love, temporary sheltering and new homes.  But the organization goes a step further by encouraging and rewarding (with vegan cookie gift baskets) municipalities that threaten to kill pets and shaming those that implement changes designed to eliminate needless killing.

Such is the case with Medina County, Ohio, where officials were pressured by the so-called irresponsible public into finally giving up the gas chamber which they’d been using to kill most of the cats impounded at the shelter.  The county stopped accepting cats and entered into an agreement with the Medina Co SPCA to take over cat sheltering from the county late last year.

Medina Co SPCA executive director Stephanie Moore writes:

The Medina County SPCA mission is to care and rehabilitate animals that are suffering from cruelty, abuse, neglect and abandonment. We…

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“A Miracle of Love” – A Short Story For Cat Lovers (Halloween Themed)


A Miracle of Love

Story by Matthew

For Quincy (My Miracle)

“A Miracle of Love”

Hello Friends, my name is Vernon. This story is about me and my wife, Elsie, and our four-legged family member, Midnight, a beautiful black Cat.

It all started about two weeks before Halloween. Elsie and I had just come back from our annual trip to Crabtree’s Pumpkin Patch, where we go and pick our Jack O’Lanterns. We are ole’ timers, Elsie and I, but we are still kids at heart. That’s what keeps us young.

We had a fantastic day, Elsie and I. We got up early, and got great round, ripe and robust pumpkins ….right off of the vine.

On the way home, we even stopped at “Irving’s”, a cafe that has THE best Pumpkin pie in town. Ah yes….a fresh piece of pumpkin pie, right out of the oven, along with a piping…

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