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The Prevalence of Kill Shelter Speak in Media


Both national and local media have historically done a poor job reporting on pet related stories.  While sensational stories about animal hoarding, puppy mills and cruelty frequently attract media attention, journalists working for national outlets often rely on soundbites from groups like HSUS, ASPCA, and PETA – all of whom have sketchy records when it comes to actually saving pets’ lives.  In the case of PETA for example, the group saves such a tiny percentage of the pets it records as being taken into its “shelter”, the state of VA reconsidered its shelter license in 2010.  The PETA “shelter” is little more than a pet slaughterhouse and the state of Virginia’s records prove it.  Members of the national media however are quick to ring PETA for comment when reporting on a pet related story, never apparently researching as to whether the group’s record actually reflects “ethical treatment” for pets.

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