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The killing of friendly, healthy/treatable pets in animal shelters is a matter of choice.  Every community’s shelter chooses whether to stick with last century’s “catch and kill” philosophy or embrace this century’s No Kill Equation.  By choosing to cling to outdated ideas and debunked myths such as “pet overpopulation” and “killing is a kindness”, shelters doom the pets in their care to needless death.

While the transition to no kill may be more challenging for some than for others, it is the only ethical choice.  Sheltering, by definition, requires that pets be protected from those who would harm them.  And killing is harm.

The long standing practice of excusing the killing of healthy/treatable shelter pets takes a few common forms.  Blaming the “irresponsible public” for “forcing” shelter workers to kill friendly pets is probably the most well known.  While I absolutely agree that there are some irresponsible pet owners…

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