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The Three ‘Great’ Prejudices


The arrogant, ignorant, speciesist, and incorrect ASSumption by many members of the human animal species, that we are somehow “better” or “more important” than our fellow animals is pure bullpoop, shoveled down from generation to generation, from the time we first created fire and danced around it in excitement to present day, when we get excited and dance around amateur fireworks on the 4th of July. This myth (humans are ‘supreme’) has been brainwashing our species since religious texts were written by mortal, speciesist humans. From the moment the doctor spanks our patootie and sends us home, we are spoonfed this same human ignorance, arrogance, speciesism, etc. That such a myth is a…..well….myth, doesnt seem to penetrate us egotistical (the egotism stems from insecurity..feeling little? Make yourself BIGGER than you actually are…..embrace delusions of grandeur) boneheads in the human race.

Fact: Animals, like the human animal, are living, breathing, thinking…

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