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Something To Think About

Think long and hard about this


Imagine this scenario:

It is December 8th, 2012. You turn on the news. You hear the following words come out of the reporters mouth:

“This is Lori Johnson, welcome to HNN (Honest News Network).

Our lead story tonight – a tragic story that has left the world in utter shock and outrage. In late October, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast. It’s been over five weeks since then. We’ve been told that the NHSF (National Human Shelter Foundation) has been working overtime to bring shelter to the families devastated by the Hurricane. But HNN has learned that the NHSF has tragically been giving those left homeless from the storm, LETHAL INJECTIONS, instead of caring for them, and giving them shelter until they can find a home.”

When asked to comment, a NHSF Representative said:

“We are not killing these humans…..we……we’re giving them a happy death, we are ending their…

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