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PETA: Just The Facts

PETA: Pet Murderers


Fact: A mother cat and her two kittens were given to PETA employees by a veterinarian after they assured him that they would find the animals homes. Instead, the PETA employees immediately killed the mother and her two kittens, in the back of a van equipped with syringes and lethal drugs: a donor-funded PETA slaughterhouse on wheels.

Fact: While PETA claims to be against animal research, it championed a Pit Bull ban in Ontario, even though Ontario requires the pound to turn animals over for research. After 72 hours, a pet can be sold for vivisection (cruel experiments).

(Fact: While PETA claims to be against the meat industry, PETA has come out in SUPPORT of the proposed Horse Slaughter, which would, if passed into law, allow a “Horsemeat” section in supermarkets, right next to the “Beef”, “Pork, and “Poultry” sections.)

(Fact: In June 2005, dozens of dead pets were found…

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