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An Invitation To Embrace Life

Embrace Life: An Invitation


The following is a friendly invitation to the ever decreasing number of “animal lovers” who support those who murder animals (PETA, HSUS, ASPCA, Kill “Shelters”, Etc.), rather than supporting animals whom they claim to love. You are cordially invited to join the No Kill Revolution. To go beyond voicing your love for animals, and to LIVE your love for animals, by defending the right of animals to live. This can only be done by becoming a No Kill Advocate.

All you have to do is LOVE ANIMALS, by helping to protect them from harm (such as being murdered with poison needles, even though the animals are healthy and not suffering,).

This poem is a genuinely cordial invitation to you. It’s never too late to do what is right. What is just. What is courageous. What is humane. What is ethical. What prevents cruelty. And killing does NONE of these things…it…

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