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An Invitation To Embrace Life

The following is a friendly invitation to the ever decreasing number of “animal lovers” who support those who murder animals (PETA, HSUS, ASPCA, Kill “Shelters”, Etc.), rather than supporting animals whom they claim to love. You are cordially invited to join the No Kill Revolution. To go beyond voicing your love for animals, and to LIVE your love for animals, by defending the right of animals to live. This can only be done by becoming a No Kill Advocate.

All you have to do is LOVE ANIMALS, by helping to protect them from harm (such as being murdered with poison needles, even though the animals are healthy and not suffering,).

This poem is a genuinely cordial invitation to you. It’s never too late to do what is right. What is just. What is courageous. What is humane. What is ethical. What prevents cruelty. And killing does NONE of these things…it aids and abets these things. Only love and a deep reverence for our fellow living souls’ lives, can be considered right, just, courageous, humane, ethical, and only love and reverence prevents cruelty (what with murder being cruel and all)

Please join us in loving animals. Page 1, Chapter 1 in the “Animal Lovers Guide to Successfully Loving Animals” correctly states that “You don’t kill those who you love”.

Understand that and you’re on your way to becoming a successful No Kill Advocate/Genuine Animal Lover.

An Invitation To Embrace Life

You always believe everything you’re told
You’ve always bought the lies that they have sold
But if you’d only learn to simply face the truth
You’ll clearly see the deadly deeds that they always do

How many murdered animals piled to the top of garbage bins
Do you have to see, before you recognize the killers’ sins
You know it’s wrong, and it can never be right
So here’s a friendly invitation to join the fight

To join the humane, ethical, cruelty preventing No Kill Revolution
For murder is not “loving”, nor is it “kind”, it’s not a true animal lover’s solution
It doesn’t matter what the killers say, for you must learn to disregard their verbal pollution
The vast majority of murdered animals are not “suffering”, they are healthy, and of that, let’s be clear of any confusion

These “Animal Welfare” frauds that you follow, are merely magicians selling their illusions
Like a magician, they make a living (and a killing) from planting, in your mind, delusions
They hold the “suffering” card in their hands, and in a flash, it disappears before your eyes
And while they murder healthy, adoptable animals, you are distracted, forced to empathize

But that, too, is a delusion, for they trick you into feeling empathy for them, the assassins
Yet it is animals, who are the victims, & who’s bodies are thrown into the garbage bins
Simple logic says “Feel bad for those who are being killed”
Instead of feeling bad for the murderers, while your money foots the bill

Indeed, if someone were about to murder you, where would your empathy lie?
With your assassin, or with you, the one about to die?
Again, it’s all about facing the truth, and if you can find the courage to do so
You’ll see that the animal murderers have no right to put a fellow living being on death row

Animals have committed no crimes……the same cant be said for the group that you support
For that group exists solely to oppress and destroy…when they see life, they think “abort”
Animals are precious living, thinking, feeling, loving Soul filled Children of God, it’s true
And they are equally important as, and equally deserve to live as much as me and you

You know that I speak the truth, oh yeah, you’ve always known that the killing was wrong
But you get distracted by the defenders of death, filling your head with their lethal, corrupt, and untrue “suffering” song
They said, “We only kill animals who are suffering”. They lied.
Because healthy and full of life, not suffering in any way, were the animals, who have died.

We have documents to prove the lies, witnesses to confirm the lies.
But, in order to see the truth, you must open your eyes.
Don’t be afraid. The hurt, betrayal, sadness, and anger will lessen with time
As you join us in preventing the murderers from continuing to commit their crimes

The No Kill Revolution will succeed. It is a foregone conclusion.
For, we have exposed the killers’ lame, deceitful and deadly illusions.
Everyday, more and more animal lovers are embracing the truth.
The animals murderers are no different than John Wilkes Booth.

Whether by gun, by needle or by knife.
Nobody has a right, to take someone else’s life.
Murder is murder. A life is a life.
Whether it’s “Mom”, “Dad”, “Fluffy”, “Fido”, your Husband or your Wife.

Murder is wrong, inhumane, unethical and extremely cruel and that is not open for debate. So one question remains.
With whom does your allegiance lie? With the animals who you say you love, yet who you remain silent about, when they die in vain?
Or will you continue to embrace the illusions, and choose to remain blinded by your delusions?
Know this, though: Only by siding with animals, can you, with any credibility, claim to “love them”, because No Kill is the only humane, ethical, cruelty preventing, and loving, solution.