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One Thing Shelters Can Do with All Those Cats

There are plenty of homes for EVERY Cat!


One of the most popular excuses among shelter killing apologists for why it’s impossible to go no kill is that there are way too many cats and no one wants them – especially the adults.  Even if that were true, and I don’t agree that it is, it does not follow that shelters “have to” kill cats.  In fact, here is a suggestion for what shelters can do with all those adult cats from UPAWS volunteer Ann Brownell in Michigan (brought up from the comments):

UPAWS 9 Lives for $9 cat promotion is June 21 – 30TH! Being June is Adopt a Shelter Cat Month we are super excited!! I won a Marketing Grant to promote the event! We’ll be on our local TV stations, newspapers, radio and of course social media. Here is our commercial that was produced for us:

How she did it:

I submitted…

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