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Cat Conversations with Skye and His Friends

Cat Conversations….Love it!

Cats Confidential

It was the first day of spring. The sun was finally shining after a long spell of cold wather. And both Abraham and Teddy bear were sitting in the front hall windows of the Grey Rocks Cat Sanctuary itching to go outside.

Suddenly Teddy Bear changed his mind.

“There he is again. The neighbor’s big black dog stealing our food. I hate that dog. I just hate him.”

Skye jumped up in the window and saw the dog, too, finishing off what had been a big bowl of cat food. He shook his head and hopped down.

“He sure is stealing it, boys” he told the two young cats. “But don’t say you ‘hate’ him. First off, you don’t know him. But more importantly, maybe they don’t give him enough to eat at home. It’s the way dogs are. They see a bowl of food, they’ll eat it. But don’t…

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