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Help Stop PETA’s Killing


Dear Friends,
Who WOULDN’T want to save precious pets’ lives, right?
 It’s a no brainer. If you LOVE pets, you want healthy, adoptable pets to LIVE.
Pure compassionate, common sense.
Sadly, The pet murderers at the unethical PETA like to kill healthy, adoptable pets. Why? Only the demented, illogical mind of PETA’s founder, Ingrid Newkirk, who has admitted to murdering thousands of healthy animals with her VERY OWN hands, and tens of thousands of more healthy animals using her pathetic PETA organization, can answer the question of WHY?
Ultimately, it doesn’t matter why PETA murders healthy pets. What matters is that they DO murder healthy pets, and that they should be stopped.
Here’s where YOU come in.
  YOU, the person reading this right now, can save tens of thousands of lives, and it wont even take five minutes of your time.
Nathan Winograd, No Kill Expert and Animal Sheltering Expert, has an urgent request for all pet lovers:
Help Stop PETA’s Killing


In the last 11 years, 29,426 animals have died at PETA’s hands including those they themselves described as “healthy,” “adorable,” and “perfect.” In some cases, this includes animals they promised to find homes for, only to put them to death within minutes in the back of a van—a donor-funded mobile death squad on wheels. It includes kittens and puppies. According to Ingrid Newkirk, PETA is “not in the home finding business.” Its mission is to put animals to death. PETA has no adoption hours, it does not keep animals alive long enough to find homes, and it does no adoption promotion. You can learn more in my Huffington Post expose by clicking here. How is this legal? PETA is registered in Virginia as an animal shelter.


Since employees of “animal shelters” are the only non-veterinarians authorized by Virginia law to kill animals, removing PETA’s designation as a shelter will put the brakes on PETA killing. Click here for the petition filed with the Virginia Department of Agriculture (VDACS) on behalf of the No Kill Advocacy Center.


Help me end PETA’s mobile death vans. Help me end PETA’s ability to hire mindless “yes men” to kill animals at the whim and discretion of Ingrid Newkirk. Please take a moment to email VDACS Commissioner Matt Lohr and Animal Shelter Inspector Dr. Dan Kovich and POLITELY ask that they grant the NKAC petition to remove PETA’s designation as an animal shelter:


Commissioner Lohr:


Dr. Kovich: 

 #1.  Please, email the above individuals, and politely ask them to grant the NKAC petition to remove PETA’s designation as an animal shelter.
  #2.  And then spread the word, via Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc. and ask pet lovers you know, to do the same.
We CAN stop PETA’s massacre of pets. It takes two easy steps (#1. and #2., above)
 Please, help.
Thank You.


UPDATE: The mad Dr. Kovich, and the cowardly Commissioner Lohr, despite the overwhelming, vast numbers of animal lovers urging them to tell the truth: That PETA does NOT run a “shelter”, have proven to be transparent frauds, who either:

1. Dont care one iota about their fellow living souls

2. Are being “generously rewarded” for their ineptitude by PETA themselves.

PETA ADMITTED TO THESE TWO GOOD FOR NOTHINGS THAT, “We Do NOT operate a shelter”. Therefore, this is IRREFUTABLE PROOF that PETA should NOT be designated as a “shelter”.

That PETA remains designated as a “shelter” (slaughterhouse for pets, in reality) even though they admitted to NOT being a shelter, is strongly indicative of one of the two scenarios described above, being the likely explanation for the lazy, worthless, and possibly corrupt actions, on the part of the Dr. and his Commissioner partner in ineptitude.

So, PETA’s massacre of pets continues.

P.S. The Dr and his Commissioner partner in crime (the ethical crime of looking the other way as healthy pets are being murdered) announced that they would do what they did best (nothing), within 48 hours after the calls for change began, further indicating that these pathetic individuals do not care about doing their jobs, as much as they care about cashing their paychecks.

But, of course, all of this is just my opinion.