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Nathan Winograd – A True Friend To Animals

If you have read my blog before, you may have heard of Nathan Winograd, or you may  even have seen about 50 links to his writings (lol). There is a reason for that. The man speaks the truth. The man created the first No Kill community in history. The man knows what he is talking about. The man is a true friend to animals.


If you arent reading what he says on a daily basis, you really are missing out on informative facts and news, regarding animals, especially pets, the latest No Kill news, the latest degenerative behavior by PETA, the HSUS, ASPCA and kill “shelters” etc.


If you love pets, this is the man to stay in contact with.


 You can visit Nathan’s official website:


 You can read Nathan’s blog at



You can visit Nathan’s Facebook page for the latest news:



  You can also read Nathan’s books, a couple of which were co-written by his wife, Jennifer, who was the individual who first opened Nathan’s eyes to the massacre of shelter pets:



Nathan is also on Twitter:



Nathan created a wonderful organization, that focuses solely on ending the mass murder of shelter pets:



If you are a pet lover and want to save pets’ lives, become a No Kill advocate. Follow the websites listed above regularly…..add them to your “Favorites”, and spread the word, and you will help to save the precious lives of precious souls: Pets.


Thank You Very Much.