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An open letter (poem) to the self proclaimed “animal lovers” and groups who SUPPORT the massacre of shelter pets:
You’re so full of sh*t, it’s hard to tell which end is up sometimes
You like pointing fingers, though it’s you who’s committing the crimes
You’re like a zombie from a bad B-movie; you moan and you stumble
Pre-programmed “kill, kill,” diatribes are what you like to mumble
When you try to sound as if you might have some kind of clue
It’s like looking through a window…we can see right through you
For, you can run your mouth, but you cant hide what you’re really about
You are so contradictory, you end up leaving no doubt
You are not a pet lover, you love animals, not
You are a poser, a fraud, a nauseating repetitive robot
You speak about that, in which, you do not understand
As you remain sitting on your lying a$$, when it’s time to take a stand
When pets need you, you are not there
Your silence is deafening, as you cowardly hide who knows where
When pets need you to defend their right to live
You become mute, you have not one life-saving thought to give
And we all know why, that this is the case
It’s because you, pure and simply, are two faced
Name one children’s advocate who advocates for kids to die in shelters
You cant, because then you couldn’t call them children’s shelters
Name one women’s advocate who advocates for women to die in domestic abuse shelters
You cant, because then you couldn’t call them domestic abuse shelters
Then why are fraudulent animal advocates, disgraceful irresponsibles such as you
Advocating for pets to die in shelters….. is it because you know the truth
Is it because you know it’s true that animal shelters that kill animals are not shelters at all
But are, in truth, concentration death camps for pets, despite having attached the word “Shelter” to their outer entrance hall
It’s often said that “The truth is in the pudding”, it’s not what you say that matters, but what you do
When it comes to disgraceful excuses for “animal lovers” like you, these words ring so very true
For, while you talk about being an “animal lover”, you prove otherwise, contradicting yourself to every listening ear
When your actions betray the animals whom you supposedly love, the truth about who you really are, becomes irrefutably clear
You are not animal lovers, as evidenced by your pathetic support of animal murderers, who are just as unloving as you
You are nuggets of waste, floating in the toilet bowl of life, someone needs to “flush” you
And as you spin, around and around you go


No one will miss you, in fact we’ll be glad to see you go


All that we need to know: we know that you’re part of the inhumane, cruel, unethical pet killing problem, you are lethal pollution
And that you’re not part of the humane, kind, ethical, animal loving No Kill solution
The bottom line: If pet murderers were the ones about to be murdered, they’d become No Kill advocates real fast! They are proven hypocrites. They are also THE “Berlin Wall” that stands between pets being murdered, and a No Kill Nation, where healthy, adoptable pets are allowed to live.
Pay it forward….shine a light…….save a life: