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Something To Think About

Imagine this scenario:

It is December 8th, 2012. You turn on the news. You hear the following words come out of the reporters mouth:

“This is Lori Johnson, welcome to HNN (Honest News Network).

Our lead story tonight – a tragic story that has left the world in utter shock and outrage. In late October, Hurricane Sandy slammed into the East Coast. It’s been over five weeks since then. We’ve been told that the NHSF (National Human Shelter Foundation) has been working overtime to bring shelter to the families devastated by the Hurricane. But HNN has learned that the NHSF has tragically been giving those left homeless from the storm, LETHAL INJECTIONS, instead of caring for them, and giving them shelter until they can find a home.”

When asked to comment, a NHSF Representative said:

“We are not killing these humans…..we……we’re giving them a happy death, we are ending their lives but, we’re not killing them. We are simply giving them a loving and caring exit from the cruel world that produced the Hurricane that blew their house down. There is a large human animal overpopulation, well over 7 billion of us are crowding the Earth, and there just arent enough homes to go around. We did the humane thing, and rescued these humans, instead of hoarding them in shelters for days, or weeks. We dont believe in ‘Right to Life’ for humans. What we did was prevent cruelty. What we did was humane. What we did was the ethical thing. We killed………no, “killed” is too disturbingly accurate of a word,………we humanely euthanized the families left homeless by Hurricane Sandy. Now they wont have to worry about hurricanes anymore. Wasn’t that nice of us? By the way, we need all of YOU, the human lovers out there, to please donate to help us rescue even MORE humans affected by Hurricane Sandy. As we speak we are putting images of Hurricane’s Sandy devastation to the music of a sad song, which we will use to get even more donations, which will help us to give a loving and kind death to even more humans left homeless by Hurricane Sandy”.

Reader, what would YOUR reaction be if you heard this?

Would you write it off as “a shame” and go about your business, or would you commit yourself to helping to put an end to the madness?


By killers who give the same pathetic semantics to try and “justify” what is clearly NOT justifiable? (The above statements by the fictional “NHSF” are taken from ACTUAL statements, used by real kill “shelters”, PETA, HSUS, ASPCA and other pet murderers).


Is it because we, the members of the human animal species have been brainwashed into de-valuing the lives of our fellow living souls? Have we been brainwashed into thinking that murdering a healthy living individual is somehow a “good” thing, because the murderers have repeated it over and over again? NEVER ALLOW YOURSELVES TO BECOME DESENSITIZED BY DEATH. ALWAYS view the cruel murder of a precious individual, for exactly what it is: The cruel, unethical, inhumane, and disgracefully wrong act of taking a life equal to your own, that the killer had no right to take.

It is time for us humans to unlearn what we have learned, to disregard the lies and the myths, and to overcome Speciesism (The inherent and incorrect belief in the superiority of one species over another, similar to Sexism or Racism, only involving someone’s species, instead of their sex or race.), and it is time for us, the pet lovers of the United States and the World, to stop the massacre of the pets whom we say we love.

There IS a possibility that YOUR pet will manage to get out of the house (or you may already throw them outdoors), and will end up in a “shelter” (death camp). And let me give you more sobering truths about these “shelters”:

Many of them DO NOT care if your pet has a tag. They figure “If these lowlife pet lovers were irresponsible enough to let their pets get outside, they dont deserve their pets”, AND THEY WILL MURDER YOUR PET THEN AND THERE, while getting rid of your pet’s tag.

So, you’ve had your pet microchipped? Very good idea. The problem is that many “shelters” either DO NOT BOTHER/CARE TO CHECK FOR MICROCHIPS, or DO NOT HAVE SCANNERS and/or COMPUTERS TO CHECK FOR MICROCHIPS.

So YOUR pet could very well be the next one to die, if we do not take action.

Kill “shelter” operators do not care whether our pets live or die. They dont care whether we live or die. They are indifferent, cowardly, political, corrupt, selfish, protectors of the status quo of killing, NOT protectors of our pets.

This is what happens when so called animal “shelters” hold innocent, precious lives in their lethal hands: They kill the pets, and dont give it a second thought, because nobody can hold them accountable unless we pass the Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA) into law:

Ask your Senators, Congressmen/women, Representatives, Governor, Mayor, City Council, etc., to protect pets by making the Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA) the Law:

Do not take “no” for an answer. Rally the community, and make it happen.

Join us in stopping this massacre of healthy/treatable, precious individuals:

—————————Our Pets are being murdered by the millions every year, in poor excuses for animal “shelters”. There ARE life saving alternatives (see below), but kill “shelter” operators are used to the status quo of killing pets, rather than saving them. YOU can help change that, by checking out the links below, and then demanding that your local “shelter” officials, Mayor, City Council Members, Representatives etc. actively fight to stop this disgusting massacre of our four legged family members. Please check out the following links. Thank you——————————-

No Kill Resources Library (All You Need To Know And Do):

How To Stop The Killing:

No Kill Benefits the Economy:

Ask your City Council to protect Pets by making the Companion Animal Protection Act (CAPA) the Law:

More No Kill Info: