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“Denial” – An Attempt To Explain The Deranged Support That Some “Pet Lovers” Give To Those Who Murder Pets

Inside The Polluted Mind of a Poor Excuse For a “Pet Lover”

If you were able to read the minds of others, this is what you’d likely read in the brainwashed minds of the “pet lovers” who side with the pet murderers, rather than with Pets.
Inside the mind of an HSUS Zombie:

“Those HSUS (expletive)! They put in a good word for that ba$tard dog killer/abuser, Michael Vick?

They stab feral cats and their caretakers in the back by siding with those who wish to murder the cats?

Those inhumane (expletive)!!

AND they support the murder of healthy pets in “shelters”?

I’ve had enough…the HSUS can go screw……….wait……I can’t face this truth. I’ve believed otherwise for far too long, and I cant face the fact that my beloved HSUS are INHUMANE frauds. Besides, I love their magazine. No… must ignore their despicable lies….must play “pretend”…….must see past the HSUS’s murder and lies…’s too upsetting to do otherwise…….deny truth, deny truth.
Ahhhhh, that’s better. Truth denied. I enjoy this bliss. It’s my drug. I need the hit. My drug of choice: Denial.”
Inside The Deranged Mind of a PETA Zombie:

“Even though I’ve supported PETA for so long, I have to admit…they are a pet killing cult of nutjobs. Wow, all their “leader” needs is a broom and the witch is complete. What a psycho…”killing is kindness?”. Is she for real?

And that “Killing is the loving thing to do” (expletive)? Charles Manson sounds more in charge of his mental faculties than this looney tunes does. I should really kick PETA to the curb. They are unethical animal murderers, and go against everything that animal lovers support… SAVING ANIMALS.

No, I can’t let go of the soothing lies. The truth pounds inside my head like a piledriver pounding away at cement. Yeah, PETA’s nuts, but I can’t admit it to myself. Must resist. I must resist the horrible truth. Besides, I love their magazine. I’ve met many friends on PETA’s message board…I cannot admit that we all met under a fraudulent, corrupt, deception. To admit that is to admit that we have been living a lie. Must not face the truth by admitting the lie. Must keep lie alive. Besides, once every 9 months or so, PETA raids an animal sanctuary, and, even though the sanctuary is innocent of any wrong doing, PETA is still keeping the “abuse” issue fresh in everyone’s minds .They’re providing a “service”. Yeah, that’s it! That’s the ticket! Yeah…….. Granted, murdering someone is THE most awful form of abuse, because THOSE wounds are never allowed to heal……… shut up, Mr. Conscience!! I’m upset. I dont like this feeling. My heart hurts. My head hurts…that terrible truth…pounding, pounding..must stop the hurt. Must embrace the lie. Must “pretend” that the truths are lies. It’s too upsetting to do otherwise…..deny truth…..deny truth.
Ahhhhhh that’s better. Truth denied. Oh, how I savor this bliss! My go to drug: Denial. I can smile again and play “pretend”. Denial…my knight in shining armor.”

Inside The Mind of an ASPCA Zombie:

“Oh that ASPCA commercial is so sad! The looks on those poor pets’ faces! What kind of pet lover am I if I DON’T relieve those sad faces, and save those precious lives? Nevermind the fact that the ASPCA is responsible for about 55,000 HEALTHY pets being murdered in the last few years alone, in the cesspool NYC “shelter” system, because the ASPCA used MY donations to buy off spineless politicians, who did what the ASPCA paid them to do: KILL Legislative Bills that would have SAVED those 55,000 pets, thus killing those 55,000 pets, right along with the Bill. Oh I cant handle this conflict…I know…I’ll distract myself……I’m hungry..I think I’ll have some cookies..let’s see…Chips Ahoy? No. Oatmeal cookies? Ugh…gag me with a spoon!……….Yum! Oreos! My absolute favor………Oreo. OREO. That poor dog. Oreo was going to be rescued and would have gone on to live a happy life. But the ASPCA murdered her, instead of saving her. How CRUEL of this alleged “Cruelty Prevention” Society! With the ASPCA, pets arent in “The Arms Of An Angel”. They should be so blessed! No. They are in the arms of murderers, who prey upon kind hearted pet lovers with their tear jerking commercials, in order to make as much money as possible. Bureaucratic frauds! Save the politics for Washington! This is about saving pets from cruelty and murdering someone is THE cruellest thing that one can ever do! While abusive situations are despicable, pets can be rescued, and the ASPCA, if they REALLY wanted to, could actually RESCUE pets (killing the pets nullifies the “rescue”, because murdering someone is not an effective way of “rescuing” them, it’s an effective way of cruelly killing them, even though they were treatable, savable., etc.) I lost my appetite…..I’ll go take my mind off of this by watching T.V. Oh, that’s just fabulous….the same ASPCA commercial? Again? Twice in an hour! They could use the money they use for advertising, and RESCUE PETS FROM CRUELTY WITH IT! No, I cant look at it that way…I’m too troubled by this….I’m crying watching those pets’ sad faces. Granted the pets look sad because they were kidnapped off the streets by some brutal animal control jerk, and who knows what they did to them to get them in the truck. And those pets are also sad because they can smell the stench of death in those garbage NYC “shelters”…the ones that the ASPCA sends cupcakes to, as a way of thanking them for killing pets! Those cruel ba$tards! No..must not allow these feelings to penetrate me….must block them out. I must find the “good” that the ASPCA does, although I cant actually think of anything good that they do, right now. Besides…I love their magazine. They DO have a magazine, don’t they? I don’t even remember…’s all a blur after awhile……it’s almost as if I’m in some sort of trance……could that (expletive) commercial have brainwashed me? I’ve only seen it 216 times…and that’s just this month. No, I wont admit the truth. I must deny. Deny. I sent them my hard earned money to help pets…I cant admit that they use the money instead to buy off spineless politicians to kill legislative Bills that would SAVE pets. I cannot admit that this “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” actually ENGAGES in the very cruelty that their mandate requires them to prevent. They are cruel because they murder pets, and tell rescuers to “take a hike”, which equals MORE pets dying, who could have been saved. This is too much of a bummer. Deny. Deny. I must not let the truth get in the way of good, albeit false advertising on the ASPCA’s behalf. They are heroes. Yeah. That’s better. I’m feeling much better already….Nothing beats this drug… goes to work immediately…..all you need is to play stupid. If HSUS and PETA members can play stupid, and they do it well, then I can do the same! No side effects……no adverse effects…atleast for ME (Pets arent so lucky). In America I have the freedom of choice. And I choose Denial.

And I will sleep good tonight.

And unlike the pets who PETA, the HSUS, the ASPCA, and death camps for pets (more popularly known as “shelters”) gets their hands on, I’ll wake up tomorrow morning…still on this Earth in my physical body. I’ll be living in ignorant, cowardly denial. Though, if I’m still in denial, am I really waking up?