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I’d like to get something off of my chest (These comments are not directed at anyone in particular. If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t, find the other one, sell them on EBAY and donate the profit to the No Kill Advocacy Center:)

It is time. Time to cut through the B.S. cowardice that says “We shouldnt speak badly about pet murderers” (Should we give them an AWARD? Should we shake their blood-stained hands, and smile at them, while we play stupid to their intolerable acts? The HSUS did, they gave an award to a death camp for pets who gasses 9 out of every 10 pets. PETA sent cookies to a group who the numbskulls THOUGHT were ending their No Kill practice, but who thankfully remain No Kill today. The ASPCA, and HSUS have sent cupcakes as a “thank you” to kill “shelters” for their “service”.)

The Mafia did/does the same with their “plumbers” (hitmen)…”Hey yo, thanks for da’ services you rendered to us…you know…da’ “Waste Removal Service” involvin’ the bodybags”.

Pets in “shelters” are treated like “waste” and end up in bodybags, but instead of being outraged by such brutality, we say “Oh, that’s sad….hey, …..who’s left on “Dancing With The Stars”?

It’s time to prioritize and time to put on our big boy/girl Fruit Of The Looms Boxers/Briefs, and Victoria’s Secret Panties and act like responsible, pet loving adults who respect the sanctity of life, and responsible adults DO NOT CONDONE, TOLERATE, IGNORE, EXCUSE, OR WORST OF ALL, FUND MURDER, and that is exactly what is happening to pets all across the nation. They are being murdered, and pet loving human/ostrich hybrids (heads firmly planted in the sand) are partly to blame, because such murder happens not only because the unethical PETA, the inhumane HSUS, the cruel ASPCA, and concentration camps for pets with the word “shelter” in their name, left their hearts in San Francisco, their consciences in the sewer, and their ability to admit that they are wrong, in the garbage dump. The mass murder of pets also happens because good people allow it, by parroting such cowardly “Let’s all play nice” or “Well, they’re not ALL bad, they do SOME good” head in the sand exclamations, which always benefits the murderers, and never benefits the murdered. EVERY injustice that has ever been righted, was made right because someone opened their mouths and said “NO MORE! IT STOPS NOW”.

Did we “play nice and get along” with the nazis?

Do we “work with” the KKK in order to “effect change” rather than working against them or by insulting them / speaking badly about them?

Did we say “You should treat others with respect, and not cause trouble by taking issue with them….they’re doing what they think is right” when Al Qaida committed their mass murder on 9/11?

Has anyone ever cited the “good things” that Hitler may have done, that the KKK may have done, or that members of Al Qaida may have done, all the while ignoring their ACTS OF MURDER, and ignoring their VICTIMS?

Suppose we learned that Hitler created and ran an orphanage for children before joining the nazi party…should we then excuse the holocaust? After all, he would have “not been ALL bad….he did SOME nice things”.

If the imperial wizard of the KKK donated money to starving white/christian kids, should we “try to keep communications with” the KKK “positive” ?

If Al Qaida promised to “stop killing in 5 years”, should we applaud them and sit idly by, while they murder us and our family at will, in the meantime?

Then why the (BLEEP) would we want to “play nice with”, or “work with”, or apologize for (because of the few good “things they’ve done”) or “show respect for”, or “be respectful and patient…..they’re doing their best” while murderers hide behind their “5 years from now we’ll immediately stop murdering the innocent” lie, OR WHY THE (BLEEP) WOULD WE DO ANYTHING BUT SPEAK OUT AGAINST THIS INSANE, MODERN DAY HOLOCAUST OF PETS, committed by assassins in “Rescue” T-Shirts?

These S.O.B. ‘s have murdered more precious living individuals than the Nazis, the KKK, and Al Qaida COMBINED!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we’re going to give them DONATIONS? We’re going to support THEM, instead of their VICTIMS? We’re supposed to “be respectful” of the killers who are completely devoid of respect for the precious pets who they murder? Who are completely devoid of respect for those of us who value the precious life of every precious pet?


Oh, that’s right…because subconsciously, some think that because those being murdered aren’t members of our species, then it doesn’t matter (INCORRECT: PETS ARE EQUAL TO US, PETS ARE LIVING SOULS, PETS ARE GOD’S CHILDREN, PETS ARE FAMILY, AND PETS DESERVE TO LIVE EQUALLY AS MUCH AS MOM, DAD, “GRAMPS” AND LITTLE SUZIE).

And we call ourselves the “thinking” animal. I see no evidence of that.

And if “speaking respectfully” about murderers is a higher priority to you than saving pets who are going to be murdered, then I respectfully ask you to respectfully get your disgraceful, cowardly buttocks off of the tracks, because the No Kill Train is coming through, with or without you on board.

Respectfully on Behalf of Pets,