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“A Miracle of Love” – A Short Story For Cat Lovers (Halloween Themed)

A Miracle of Love

Story by Matthew

For Quincy (My Miracle)

“A Miracle of Love”

Hello Friends, my name is Vernon. This story is about me and my wife, Elsie, and our four-legged family member, Midnight, a beautiful black Cat.

It all started about two weeks before Halloween. Elsie and I had just come back from our annual trip to Crabtree’s Pumpkin Patch, where we go and pick our Jack O’Lanterns. We are ole’ timers, Elsie and I, but we are still kids at heart. That’s what keeps us young.

We had a fantastic day, Elsie and I. We got up early, and got great round, ripe and robust pumpkins ….right off of the vine.

On the way home, we even stopped at “Irving’s”, a cafe that has THE best Pumpkin pie in town. Ah yes….a fresh piece of pumpkin pie, right out of the oven, along with a piping hot cup of apple cider, with a cinnamon stick slowly melting in it. Does life get any better?

It does, as Elsie and I were about to find out….

You see…when we got home from our day full of picking pumpkins and indulging in pumpkin pie and apple cider, we were getting out of our old rusting car,….we were looking to quickly get in the house to get away from the chill that we caught from the cool Autumn winds, when all of a sudden, we saw a black Cat slowly coming up to us……….Elsie was the first to notice him: “Oooh, look Vernon…….a beautiful black Cat!”.

I took one look and replied: “Awww, he is beautiful indeed, Elsie!”. Elsie and I, like I said, are old timers. We have no use for silly superstitions. To think that some humans would see a black Cat and actually think that they will be unlucky. Ha Ha! How ridiculous! As if the color of a cat’s hair determines whether someone is lucky or unlucky! I suppose that I should be careful not to step on a crack, in order to protect my Mother from breaking her back! Ha Ha! Let me tell you something, friends, I have stepped on crack after crack and not once has my Mom had any problems with her back. In fact, before she went to paradise, she remarked at how well her body had held up all those years.

So much for nonsensical superstitions! And the one about black cats is even more absurd than the one about your mother’s back! Elsie and I knew better than to believe foolish urban legends. We knew the truth: We had just been graced by the presence of a precious living soul, and whether his fur is black, white, orange, or any other color, makes no difference, as far as “being lucky or unlucky” goes!

We saw our new four-legged friend for who he was: A fellow child of God, deserving of the same love, caring, respect, and dignity as the rest of us.

We saw that our new friend (We named him “Midnight” because of his beautiful black fur) was hungry and thirsty. Elsie and I both had the impression that the poor soul had not eaten for a day or two.

As luck would have it, we had just purchased some cans and a bag of cat food at the local grocery store, because we enjoyed feeding the neighbor’s cat, Miracle.

Elsie and I felt sorry for Miracle, because our neighbor, Mrs.. Billingsley, didn’t consider Miracle, to be her responsibility. You see, Miracle was born when Mrs.. Billingsley’s cat, Shnookums, got pregnant by one of the neighborhood Tomcats. Elsie and I tried to tell Mrs.. Billingsley that Miracle was her responsibility, because she didn’t have Shnookums spayed, like a responsible companion animal guardian would have, and thus, Miracle was her responsibility. (Miracle’s brothers and sisters were given to Mrs.. Billingsley’s grandchildren, who love cats). Mrs. Billingsley had kept Miracle, and to this day, we wonder WHY, because she doesn’t treat him like he deserves to be treated. Miracle spends his time outdoors, even in hot and cold weather. Elsie and I HATE the thought of Miracle shivering in the cold December winds, or panting during July’s fierce heat waves. Don’t get us wrong….cats can survive happily outside, but Miracle was a former indoor only cat, until He arrived at Mrs. Billingsley’s and all of a sudden found himself outside now.

So, Elsie and I decided that, even though Miracle was technically Mrs. Billingsley’s cat, we’d help to make his life a bit easier and safer. Don get us wrong, Mrs. Billingsley wasn’t a mean woman….she was just ignorant of the fact that, whether we walk on two legs or on four legs, we are all created by the same Heavenly, Spiritual DNA: God’s love.

Mrs. Billingsley gave Miracle enough food to keep him alive, but to Elsie and I, cats and dogs are family, and who would throw their son or daughter outside during the winter, or give them just enough food and water to survive, even though the hot sun was clearly getting to the poor souls? Nobody. We always hated the double standard that some humans use when dealing with other animals, as opposed to dealing with the human animal.


So, we built a nice warm shelter for Miracle in our yard, and Miracle slept there EVERY night that it was cold. All Miracle had to do was jump the small fence that separated our yard from Mrs. Billingsley’s yard.

In the Summer, we would provide Miracle with cold water and shade, and again, He always graciously accepted our offer and enjoyed the refuge from the dangerous heat.

And, as mentioned earlier, we had plenty of canned and dry cat food on hand to make sure that Miracle’s stomach was always full, and that he never went hungry.

So, Elsie and I took a can of cat food, and gave it to our new friend, Midnight. Midnight ate as if he was in the best restaurant in town!

After finishing his meal, Midnight then came to both Elsie and I, and took turns meowing a heartfelt thank you to us both for the great meal. He waited for us to pet him, and to rub his chin for him. We quickly became attached to Midnight. We knew, at that point, that there wasn’t much more that we could do for Miracle, other than continuing to feed him, give him fresh water and shelter, and it always bothered us that we couldn’t do more for Him. This is probably the reason why we went the extra mile for Midnight, and did for him what we so desperately wanted to do for Miracle: Take him indoors where he would be forever safe, forever loved, and forever have a full stomach.

So, before we even got the pumpkins out of the car, from our trip to the pumpkin patch earlier that day, we invited Midnight into the house. He, like Miracle, was smart enough to recognize a good offer when it presented itself, and Midnight strolled right inside. After a little while of sniffing around, and going from room to room to see his new home, Midnight jumped onto a chair that had a blanket on it, and curled himself up into a ball. He took a deep breath as if to say: “Ahhhhhh, no more cold nights, no more bone-chilling winds…this is the life!”

Elsie and I both had tears in our eyes, seeing Midnight so happy and so comfortable. I tried to hide my tears from Elsie, but she always manages to see them, no matter how well I try to hide them! Elsie walked over to me, gave me a hug and whispered into my ear, so as not to interrupt the best catnap that Midnight had probably ever enjoyed: “Don’t cry Vernon, He’s ok now. He’s safe now. We have a new member of the family. It’s a boy!”

I couldn’t help but laugh, and I shed sweet tears of happiness. As the days went by, Midnight returned our kindness a million times over (Cats and dogs always do!) offering us unconditional love that just amazed us. Who knew that so much love existed inside such a small, cute and cuddly cat! Ah, but the soul is limitless and it is from the soul, where the seeds of love are sown. Cats and dogs seem to master unconditional love, and the souls of us humans could do well to watch and learn from the souls of cats and dogs!

Elsie and I believe in Angels…..only, instead of wings, we say that God’s Angels come to us on four legs!

Midnight would often have Elsie and I laughing at the many different positions he could come up with, when it came to lying next to the warm fireplace.

Little did we know, however, that the cozy fireplace would soon place our very lives in danger!

One night, Elsie and I had some friends over, for our annual Halloween storytelling night. We always had so much fun. We would bob for apples, give each other little treat bags filled with our favorite candies, and then we would gather ’round the fireplace to tell scary Halloween stories. I always loved telling the story of the Headless Horseman of Sleepy Hollow. Our friends always laughed at how excited i would get when describing the climactic scene where the Headless Horseman chased Sleepy Hollow schoolmaster, Ichabod Crane all through Sleepy Hollow, and how, when they came to the bridge, the Horseman threw a pumpkin at Ichabod and how after that, Ichabod was never seen again!

We all enjoyed the gathering with our friends…..we enjoyed it a little too much! We couldn’t believe that it was already 12 A.M. (Midnight). Our friends hurried to their cars, holding their coats closed with one arm and reaching for the car doors with their other arms.

They all drove away, happily, yet tiredly waving. Elsie and I could barely raise our arms to wave back…..we seniors aren’t used to staying up late, you know!

Elsie and I then made sure that Midnight’s food and water bowls were full, and I quickly went out back to leave Miracle’s nightly food and water for him as well.

Then, Elsie and I slowly walked to our bedroom, and we both fell asleep as soon as our heads hit our pillows.

Then it happened!!

Midnight came running into the room at full speed, leaping onto the bed and waking us both up. Elsie said “Not now, Midnight. We’re tired……we’ll play in the morning”.

Midnight meowed incessantly. Elsie and I both lied there, half asleep and half thinking to ourselves: “Something is wrong. Midnight never acted like this before”.

Midnight wouldn’t stop meowing, and walking onto our chests, as if he was trying to tell us something. So, I sat up, and Midnight, as if to lead me out of the bed, jumped on the floor and looked back at me, as if to say “Come on, I have something important to show you!” So, I got up and as I got close to Midnight he started leading the way, out to the hall and into the living room. I thought I had saw a flash of light reflecting against the walls, but I wasn’t sure.

Then, Midnight and I reached the living room and Midnight stopped and looked at me, and waited for my reaction. “Oh No!” I screamed….Elsie and I had forgotten to extinguish the fireplace after the party! We were so tired, we forgot all about it! Now, the living room rug was on fire. Apparently a little piece of wood from the fireplace had trickled onto the floor, lighting the living room rug ablaze!

The look of pure fear in Midnight’s eyes broke my heart on one hand, yet amazed me on the other hand: Despite the panic that Midnight felt, He didn’t abandon us….he stayed with us and alerted us, thereby protecting us and frankly, saving our lives!

I yelled to Elsie: “Fire, fire,….. we need to get Midnight and get out of the house!”

I picked up Midnight, and Elsie joined us soon after, and we ran out of the house. I told Elsie to go over to Mrs. Billingsley’s, next door and have her call the Fire Dept.

I gently handed Midnight to Elsie, and raced towards our backyard to get Miracle. I was worried that the fire would spread and that Miracle may get hurt….or killed! I picked up Miracle and then ran over to Mrs. Billingsley’s house. She still had not answered the door. After pounding on the door for what seemed like an eternity, Mrs. Billingsley finally answered and let us in.

As Mrs.. Billingsley called the Fire Department, Elsie and I gently placed Midnight and Miracle on the couch and gently stroked them, telling them that everything was going to be alright, but it didn’t seem to comfort them much, especially Midnight, who still had a look of sheer panic in his normally calm, happy, loving eyes.

Midnight and Miracle sat on the couch together and they both got along great!

After calling the Fire Department, Mrs. Billingsley made her way back into her living room and she was shocked at what she saw: Miracle was gently and lovingly licking Midnight, and Elsie, I and even Mrs. Billingsley all knew why: Miracle saw that Midnight was scared, and he was licking Midnight in order to calm him down and make him feel safe. And it worked….Midnight’s panicked eyes, turned back into the happy, calm, loving eyes that we knew and loved!

For the first time that Elsie and I remember, we saw a tear roll down one of Mrs. Billingsley’s cheeks. And Mrs.. Billingsley said in amazement: “I cant believe this! Miracle is actually calming down Midnight…look…… Midnight isn’t afraid anymore. Miracle’s love actually made Midnight feel better!”

Mrs. Billingsley remarked that she never knew that cats were so loving and so smart, and both Elsie and I looked at each other, as if to say: “If you had actually bonded with cats and watched them and learned from them, and loved them, and let them love you back, you would have known how loving and smart cats are!”

But Elsie and I both held our tongues. Mrs. Billingsley had finally seen the light. That was all that was important. As we heard the fire engines arrive, Elsie and I both hoped that Mrs. Billingsley would now treat Miracle the way that he deserved to be treated: with the same love and care that He had treated Midnight with.

Ten minutes later, the fire chief came over and let us know that the fire was contained……other than the living room rug being ruined, no other damage had been done. The fire chief asked us: “Did you know that the batteries in your fire alarms needed to be replaced? You are lucky to be alive. You must have an angel watching over you tonight.”

Elsie and I looked down at Midnight and Miracle and said “Actually…we have two Angels in our presence tonight”.

The next day, While we were feeding Midnight his lunch, we were surprised to look out the window and see Mrs. Billingsley walking over to our front door, and we were even more surprised….shocked really, to see that Mrs. Billingsley was carrying Miracle in her arms!!!

We met Mrs. Billingsley at the door and she said “I have a Halloween gift for you! It’s only two days until Halloween, ya know!”

Elsie and I didn’t understand what Mrs. Billingsley was trying to tell us. After all…she didn’t have any package or anything like that with her.

“A gift?” Elsie asked.

“Yes, a beautiful gift” Mrs. Billingsley replied, adding a smile.

“But, where is the gift” Elsie asked?

“You’re looking at it…or should I say, you’re looking at HIM!”

Elsie and I became a couple of “Old Faithfuls” again, gushing tears, as we knew that Mrs. Billingsley’s gift was….well, “A Miracle.”

“Your gift is your friend Miracle here” Mrs. Billingsley said.
“I saw the light last night…the light of love, when I saw Miracle take care of Midnight and calm him down with his love, during the fire. Miracle deserves all the best that life has to offer, so I’m giving him to you, if you will have him, because I know that you can take care of him the way that he deserves to be taken care of “. Mrs. Billingsley continued, “Besides, I want Miracle to be with Midnight… they are like Siamese Twins….inseparable”.

After Elsie and I had managed to turn off the “waterworks” we gladly accepted Mrs. Billingsley’s gift. “Yes, of course…we’ll be delighted to accept Miracle into our family!” I exclaimed. Mrs. Billingsley flashed a happy smile and walked into the house and gently put Miracle on the floor. And into the room came Midnight…his lips still smacking in delight, after his tasty lunch.

When Miracle and Midnight saw each other, they both let out a happy meow and ran to each other. Elsie and I then, yet again, turned on the “waterworks”.

We thanked Mrs. Billingsley for her kindness and then I went over to Elsie, gave her a hug, and whispered into her ear, being careful not to interrupt Miracle and Midnight’s happy reunion: “It’s ok, Elsie…don’t cry. Miracle is safe now. He is forever safe indoors, where he will be loved, and always have a full stomach. It’s a boy! Midnight now has a brother to share his life and his love with!”

And that my friends is our story. Miracle’s story. Midnight’s story. Elsie’s story. My story. Our story. We are, after all, a family.

I must admit, after the fire, we thought about changing Midnight’s name to “Lucky”. I mean, if it wasn’t for that sweet BLACK CAT, Elsie and I would have died!! So, our black cat, Midnight, did indeed bring us plenty of good luck.

And so, the superstition that tells us that black cats are bad luck, went back into the nothingness from which it came! Cats, whether black, white, or otherwise, all bring good luck, because anytime you bring a beautiful loving cat into your home and make them a member of the family, your life will be much better because of it!

Miracle proved that Cats are indeed Angels. The way that He touched Midnight, Elsie, Mrs. Billingsley and I, with his love that fateful night, was nothing short of…well, a Miracle.

And if you think about it, I mean really think about it, love itself is a Miracle. And nobody knows more about love than our precious companion animals, whom we share our lives with, our homes with, our love with, and our souls with.




“Denial” – An Attempt To Explain The Deranged Support That Some “Pet Lovers” Give To Those Who Murder Pets

Inside The Polluted Mind of a Poor Excuse For a “Pet Lover”

If you were able to read the minds of others, this is what you’d likely read in the brainwashed minds of the “pet lovers” who side with the pet murderers, rather than with Pets.
Inside the mind of an HSUS Zombie:

“Those HSUS (expletive)! They put in a good word for that ba$tard dog killer/abuser, Michael Vick?

They stab feral cats and their caretakers in the back by siding with those who wish to murder the cats?

Those inhumane (expletive)!!

AND they support the murder of healthy pets in “shelters”?

I’ve had enough…the HSUS can go screw……….wait……I can’t face this truth. I’ve believed otherwise for far too long, and I cant face the fact that my beloved HSUS are INHUMANE frauds. Besides, I love their magazine. No… must ignore their despicable lies….must play “pretend”…….must see past the HSUS’s murder and lies…’s too upsetting to do otherwise…….deny truth, deny truth.
Ahhhhh, that’s better. Truth denied. I enjoy this bliss. It’s my drug. I need the hit. My drug of choice: Denial.”
Inside The Deranged Mind of a PETA Zombie:

“Even though I’ve supported PETA for so long, I have to admit…they are a pet killing cult of nutjobs. Wow, all their “leader” needs is a broom and the witch is complete. What a psycho…”killing is kindness?”. Is she for real?

And that “Killing is the loving thing to do” (expletive)? Charles Manson sounds more in charge of his mental faculties than this looney tunes does. I should really kick PETA to the curb. They are unethical animal murderers, and go against everything that animal lovers support… SAVING ANIMALS.

No, I can’t let go of the soothing lies. The truth pounds inside my head like a piledriver pounding away at cement. Yeah, PETA’s nuts, but I can’t admit it to myself. Must resist. I must resist the horrible truth. Besides, I love their magazine. I’ve met many friends on PETA’s message board…I cannot admit that we all met under a fraudulent, corrupt, deception. To admit that is to admit that we have been living a lie. Must not face the truth by admitting the lie. Must keep lie alive. Besides, once every 9 months or so, PETA raids an animal sanctuary, and, even though the sanctuary is innocent of any wrong doing, PETA is still keeping the “abuse” issue fresh in everyone’s minds .They’re providing a “service”. Yeah, that’s it! That’s the ticket! Yeah…….. Granted, murdering someone is THE most awful form of abuse, because THOSE wounds are never allowed to heal……… shut up, Mr. Conscience!! I’m upset. I dont like this feeling. My heart hurts. My head hurts…that terrible truth…pounding, pounding..must stop the hurt. Must embrace the lie. Must “pretend” that the truths are lies. It’s too upsetting to do otherwise…..deny truth…..deny truth.
Ahhhhhh that’s better. Truth denied. Oh, how I savor this bliss! My go to drug: Denial. I can smile again and play “pretend”. Denial…my knight in shining armor.”

Inside The Mind of an ASPCA Zombie:

“Oh that ASPCA commercial is so sad! The looks on those poor pets’ faces! What kind of pet lover am I if I DON’T relieve those sad faces, and save those precious lives? Nevermind the fact that the ASPCA is responsible for about 55,000 HEALTHY pets being murdered in the last few years alone, in the cesspool NYC “shelter” system, because the ASPCA used MY donations to buy off spineless politicians, who did what the ASPCA paid them to do: KILL Legislative Bills that would have SAVED those 55,000 pets, thus killing those 55,000 pets, right along with the Bill. Oh I cant handle this conflict…I know…I’ll distract myself……I’m hungry..I think I’ll have some cookies..let’s see…Chips Ahoy? No. Oatmeal cookies? Ugh…gag me with a spoon!……….Yum! Oreos! My absolute favor………Oreo. OREO. That poor dog. Oreo was going to be rescued and would have gone on to live a happy life. But the ASPCA murdered her, instead of saving her. How CRUEL of this alleged “Cruelty Prevention” Society! With the ASPCA, pets arent in “The Arms Of An Angel”. They should be so blessed! No. They are in the arms of murderers, who prey upon kind hearted pet lovers with their tear jerking commercials, in order to make as much money as possible. Bureaucratic frauds! Save the politics for Washington! This is about saving pets from cruelty and murdering someone is THE cruellest thing that one can ever do! While abusive situations are despicable, pets can be rescued, and the ASPCA, if they REALLY wanted to, could actually RESCUE pets (killing the pets nullifies the “rescue”, because murdering someone is not an effective way of “rescuing” them, it’s an effective way of cruelly killing them, even though they were treatable, savable., etc.) I lost my appetite…..I’ll go take my mind off of this by watching T.V. Oh, that’s just fabulous….the same ASPCA commercial? Again? Twice in an hour! They could use the money they use for advertising, and RESCUE PETS FROM CRUELTY WITH IT! No, I cant look at it that way…I’m too troubled by this….I’m crying watching those pets’ sad faces. Granted the pets look sad because they were kidnapped off the streets by some brutal animal control jerk, and who knows what they did to them to get them in the truck. And those pets are also sad because they can smell the stench of death in those garbage NYC “shelters”…the ones that the ASPCA sends cupcakes to, as a way of thanking them for killing pets! Those cruel ba$tards! No..must not allow these feelings to penetrate me….must block them out. I must find the “good” that the ASPCA does, although I cant actually think of anything good that they do, right now. Besides…I love their magazine. They DO have a magazine, don’t they? I don’t even remember…’s all a blur after awhile……it’s almost as if I’m in some sort of trance……could that (expletive) commercial have brainwashed me? I’ve only seen it 216 times…and that’s just this month. No, I wont admit the truth. I must deny. Deny. I sent them my hard earned money to help pets…I cant admit that they use the money instead to buy off spineless politicians to kill legislative Bills that would SAVE pets. I cannot admit that this “Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” actually ENGAGES in the very cruelty that their mandate requires them to prevent. They are cruel because they murder pets, and tell rescuers to “take a hike”, which equals MORE pets dying, who could have been saved. This is too much of a bummer. Deny. Deny. I must not let the truth get in the way of good, albeit false advertising on the ASPCA’s behalf. They are heroes. Yeah. That’s better. I’m feeling much better already….Nothing beats this drug… goes to work immediately…..all you need is to play stupid. If HSUS and PETA members can play stupid, and they do it well, then I can do the same! No side effects……no adverse effects…atleast for ME (Pets arent so lucky). In America I have the freedom of choice. And I choose Denial.

And I will sleep good tonight.

And unlike the pets who PETA, the HSUS, the ASPCA, and death camps for pets (more popularly known as “shelters”) gets their hands on, I’ll wake up tomorrow morning…still on this Earth in my physical body. I’ll be living in ignorant, cowardly denial. Though, if I’m still in denial, am I really waking up?


I’d like to get something off of my chest (These comments are not directed at anyone in particular. If the shoe fits, wear it. If it doesn’t, find the other one, sell them on EBAY and donate the profit to the No Kill Advocacy Center:)

It is time. Time to cut through the B.S. cowardice that says “We shouldnt speak badly about pet murderers” (Should we give them an AWARD? Should we shake their blood-stained hands, and smile at them, while we play stupid to their intolerable acts? The HSUS did, they gave an award to a death camp for pets who gasses 9 out of every 10 pets. PETA sent cookies to a group who the numbskulls THOUGHT were ending their No Kill practice, but who thankfully remain No Kill today. The ASPCA, and HSUS have sent cupcakes as a “thank you” to kill “shelters” for their “service”.)

The Mafia did/does the same with their “plumbers” (hitmen)…”Hey yo, thanks for da’ services you rendered to us…you know…da’ “Waste Removal Service” involvin’ the bodybags”.

Pets in “shelters” are treated like “waste” and end up in bodybags, but instead of being outraged by such brutality, we say “Oh, that’s sad….hey, …..who’s left on “Dancing With The Stars”?

It’s time to prioritize and time to put on our big boy/girl Fruit Of The Looms Boxers/Briefs, and Victoria’s Secret Panties and act like responsible, pet loving adults who respect the sanctity of life, and responsible adults DO NOT CONDONE, TOLERATE, IGNORE, EXCUSE, OR WORST OF ALL, FUND MURDER, and that is exactly what is happening to pets all across the nation. They are being murdered, and pet loving human/ostrich hybrids (heads firmly planted in the sand) are partly to blame, because such murder happens not only because the unethical PETA, the inhumane HSUS, the cruel ASPCA, and concentration camps for pets with the word “shelter” in their name, left their hearts in San Francisco, their consciences in the sewer, and their ability to admit that they are wrong, in the garbage dump. The mass murder of pets also happens because good people allow it, by parroting such cowardly “Let’s all play nice” or “Well, they’re not ALL bad, they do SOME good” head in the sand exclamations, which always benefits the murderers, and never benefits the murdered. EVERY injustice that has ever been righted, was made right because someone opened their mouths and said “NO MORE! IT STOPS NOW”.

Did we “play nice and get along” with the nazis?

Do we “work with” the KKK in order to “effect change” rather than working against them or by insulting them / speaking badly about them?

Did we say “You should treat others with respect, and not cause trouble by taking issue with them….they’re doing what they think is right” when Al Qaida committed their mass murder on 9/11?

Has anyone ever cited the “good things” that Hitler may have done, that the KKK may have done, or that members of Al Qaida may have done, all the while ignoring their ACTS OF MURDER, and ignoring their VICTIMS?

Suppose we learned that Hitler created and ran an orphanage for children before joining the nazi party…should we then excuse the holocaust? After all, he would have “not been ALL bad….he did SOME nice things”.

If the imperial wizard of the KKK donated money to starving white/christian kids, should we “try to keep communications with” the KKK “positive” ?

If Al Qaida promised to “stop killing in 5 years”, should we applaud them and sit idly by, while they murder us and our family at will, in the meantime?

Then why the (BLEEP) would we want to “play nice with”, or “work with”, or apologize for (because of the few good “things they’ve done”) or “show respect for”, or “be respectful and patient…..they’re doing their best” while murderers hide behind their “5 years from now we’ll immediately stop murdering the innocent” lie, OR WHY THE (BLEEP) WOULD WE DO ANYTHING BUT SPEAK OUT AGAINST THIS INSANE, MODERN DAY HOLOCAUST OF PETS, committed by assassins in “Rescue” T-Shirts?

These S.O.B. ‘s have murdered more precious living individuals than the Nazis, the KKK, and Al Qaida COMBINED!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we’re going to give them DONATIONS? We’re going to support THEM, instead of their VICTIMS? We’re supposed to “be respectful” of the killers who are completely devoid of respect for the precious pets who they murder? Who are completely devoid of respect for those of us who value the precious life of every precious pet?


Oh, that’s right…because subconsciously, some think that because those being murdered aren’t members of our species, then it doesn’t matter (INCORRECT: PETS ARE EQUAL TO US, PETS ARE LIVING SOULS, PETS ARE GOD’S CHILDREN, PETS ARE FAMILY, AND PETS DESERVE TO LIVE EQUALLY AS MUCH AS MOM, DAD, “GRAMPS” AND LITTLE SUZIE).

And we call ourselves the “thinking” animal. I see no evidence of that.

And if “speaking respectfully” about murderers is a higher priority to you than saving pets who are going to be murdered, then I respectfully ask you to respectfully get your disgraceful, cowardly buttocks off of the tracks, because the No Kill Train is coming through, with or without you on board.

Respectfully on Behalf of Pets,