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The Truth About The ASPCA

Think about THIS before you ever consider donating to the ASPCA again:

Ed Sayres & His Proxies
In the Arms of the Angel of Death
Forbes Magazine Calls Out ASPCA, PETA
Unobvious Choices: The Animal Protection Movement’s Fourteenth Floor
Redemption for Henry Bergh
Fact: SUPPORTING the massacre of pets in “shelters” and OPPOSING laws that would save them, is the height of cruelty. So, far from “preventing cruelty”, the ASPCA is engaging in it.
The good news: Ed Sayres is stepping down.
  Tell Tim Wray, who will play a big part in choosing the NEW leader of the ASPCA that you want a NO KILL leader, because only a no kill leader can prevent cruelty to pets, what with murdering pets being cruel, and all…:
 UPDATE: Tim Wray has proven himself to be a good for nothing, bureaucratic waste of space. Despite being urged to choose a NO-KILL leader to bring the old, stale, obsolete ASPCA into the year 2013, by countless Pet Lovers across the nation, Wray cowardly and ignorantly chose to keep the ASPCA stuck in the year 1945 by choosing a former Ed Sayres butt-kisser, to take Sayres’ place as the head pet murderer in the cruel ASPCA.
 Because of this, hundreds of thousands of pets will be murdered in the coming years. Hopefully, the inept Wray will see the face of each and every victim of the ASPCA’s cruel killing, in his nightmares for the rest of his pathetic life.