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A Deadly, Contradictory World

A Deadly, Contradictory World

This world is full of lost souls, wandering, stumbling, sleepwalking through the night, and they remain asleep even when the night turns into the light of day.

What kind of world is this when the self proclaimed “ethical” beings among us, unethically murder pets?

What kind of world is this, when the self proclaimed “humane” beings among us, inhumanely rape pets of their very lives, despite life saving alternatives?

What kind of world do we live in, when the self proclaimed “cruelty prevention” societies among us, actually ENGAGE in and add to the cruelty in the world, by cruelly taking a healthy, savable living soul’s physical life away from them?

What kind of world do we live in, when self proclaimed “animal rescue” groups, pose the biggest threat to the very animals, whom they claim to use YOUR donations on behalf of, in order to save?

What kind of world do we live in, when frauds use words that represent the essences of life, words such as “love” and “kindness”, all the while using these words to describe their mass SLAUGHTER of pets…thus using the words that represent the essences of life, as a way of excusing their insane, indifferent, cruel, selfish acts of ENDING lives?

What kind of world do we live in, when murderers develop a cult following, and those cults that defend the mass murder of pets in “shelters”, consists of beings who call themselves “pet lovers”?

What kind of world do we live in, when places that call themselves “shelters”, are THE biggest threats that pets need to be sheltered FROM?

Would anyone support a “Children’s shelter” that murdered children?

Would anyone support a “Battered wives shelter” that murdered battered wives?

Then what kind of psychosis is behind the poor excuses for “animal lovers” who support “Animal shelters” that murder animals?

When did wrong ever become right? (It hasn’t)

When did murder ever become “kind” and “loving”? (It hasn’t)

When did murdering someone ever become an act of “rescuing” or “saving” someone? (It hasn’t)

When did money, or power, or someone’s irrelevant career become a priority over THE most precious gift that life offers: Life itself? (It shouldn’t have, yet lives are taken to further one’s bank account balance, one’s job, or to tighten one’s butterfinger grasp on a self perceived, but delusional “power”)

In plain English, what the (bleep) is wrong with these (bleeping) idiots who have somehow become desensitized to the sacredness (if that’s not a word…it is now) of life?

At what point does the guilt of commiting murder, become a mere nagging numbness? A day at the office? A way of “life”?

Life, it appears, for many, is like a TV commercial. The pet murderers sell themselves in a flash of smoke and mirrors, but do not back up their claims with substance. They say what WE, the ones who are potential monetary contributors, want to hear, yet they DO the complete opposite with our monetary contributions.

The unethical whom I speak of, are PETA.

The inhumane whom I speak of, are the HSUS.

The cruel whom I speak of, are the ASPCA.

They all, along with their cult followers, SUPPORT the mass holocaust of pets. These groups even engage in the killing themselves. And so called animal “shelters” that murder pets, are not “shelters”, they are death camps for pets.

Go here for the sad, tragic truth:

And here:

For more, read “The Truth about PETA”, “The Truth about the HSUS” and “The Truth about the ASPCA” blogs, here:

To give your hard earned money to a pet loving group who will actually use it to SAVE pets, go here:

All of the above mentioned: PETA, the HSUS, and the ASPCA, along with kill “shelters”, live contradictory lives. They advertise themselves as being “shinola” and selling “shinola”, yet in truth, they are the complete opposite of “shinola”, and they sell the complete opposite of “shinola”.

Only by contacting the above mentioned pet murderers, and telling them that they either become No Kill immediately, or else you will immediately cease with your monetary and other methods of support of them.
Contact your local death camp for pets and demand that they become a real shelter, the only genuine shelter…a No Kill shelter. Share this with them and tell them to follow it, and it will lead them towards No Kill greatness.

Would the above mentioned lethal frauds think differently about life, if THEIR pathetic lives were the ones in danger of coming to a “kind” and/or “loving” end? .You bet your (bleep) they would think differently.

But, why wait for that to occur? Why dont YOU, (Peta, Hsus, Aspca, kill “shelters”) the lethal pet murdering frauds out there, just own up to the terrible horrors that you have committed, and change your ways. Redemption is there to take you by the hand, to guide you away from delusions and back to reality, to guide you away from committing wrong acts (murder) and back to taking part in right, compassionate acts, to guide you away from speciesism,and back to love, to guide you away from heartless killing and back to preserving life. Redemption will do all of this for you. Let it.

Otherwise you will continue to rot, like the soulless, dead carcasses that you currently are.

Leonardo DaVinci said: “The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals, as they now look upon the murder of men”.


Once again, here is the ONLY way to stop the killing: