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Our Pets And Us – Who Is REALLY Rescuing Who?


Something to think about: When we rescue a Pet from a “shelter”, who REALLY is the one being rescued?

Our four legged family members do so much for us. They will be there when the rest of the world turns it’s back on us. They give us unconditional love. In plain english, life would bite the big one without them. They are not simply “pets”…they are family, they are our brothers and sisters, they are our soulmates, they are our babies. They are us, we are them.

Together, the love that we share with our four legged loved ones is, frankly, the most powerful force in the Universe. For it is a true , pure love. Heaven is the origin of this love.

That is why the love that we and our four legged family members share cannot and will not ever be extinguished, like PETA, HSUS and ASPCA would like to happen. That wont happen. Because the souls of our four legged family members are forever, our souls are forever with their souls, and we all are together in Heaven when all is said and done. Re: our four legged loved ones and us: Our souls are forever, our love is forever, our lives are forever.

Those who wish to make pets and pet lovers “extinct” are temporary….they will wither away into the nothingness from which they came. For they are pathetically mortal. And they are mortally wounded by their own acts of darkness such as murder, deception, greed, speciesism, etc.. PETA, HSUS, ASPCA,  I’d say that “we will destroy you”, but we dont have to destroy you. You are destroying yourselves…….slowly the noose tightens….as you lose more credibility every day, more supporters by the day, more donations  everyday… sweetly you whither…….away……away. Unlike our Pets and us, you…….PETA, HSUS, ASPCA will be destroyed. And how deliciously ironic it is, that you will be the ones who seal your own doom. Your closet doors have been blown off their hinges, and your skeletons are there for the world to see. You’ve been exposed for the pet murdering, “killing is kind” lying, bureaucratic butt-kissing, pimples on the buttocks of pets and pet lovers everywhere, that you are. And it is inevitable…eventually every pimple will pop, or slowly ooze away.

Long Live Pets. Long Live Pet Lovers. For We are One.


Are You a Pet Lover? Here’s how to save millions of lives every year:

You can also help by NOT supporting the following groups:

These groups SUPPORT the KILLING of pets and these groups OPPOSE programs and laws that would
SAVE pets:

1. Animal kill “shelters”

2. The unethical

3. The inhumane HSUS

4. The cruel ASPCA

So, if you LOVE pets, please do NOT support the four groups listed

For more info detailing the fraudulent actions of these
“animal rights” groups, go here:


and here:

DaVinci said: “The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder
of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.”


The myth that is "pet overpopulation" has been DISPROVEN. ALL healthy/treatable Pets CAN and SHOULD be saved. No Kill is the way to save them.

The myth that is “pet overpopulation” has been DISPROVEN. ALL healthy/treatable Pets CAN and SHOULD be saved. No Kill is the way to save them.