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An Open Request For Help, By Our Pets


Dear Pet Lovers of America and The World Over,

  In an ethically challenged, mentally corrupted and spiritually polluted world such as this one, where there are actually so called “animal lovers” murdering us “for our own good” (Don’t believe that lie..we enjoy life, and have a right to it, equally as much as you) and other so called “animal lovers” actually SUPPORTING our killers, rather than US, the animals who they *claim* to “love”, we need YOU, to come to our AID.

We are in grave danger, and the only hope the killers have of continuing to get away with murdering us, is their hope that you will be one of the apathy stricken, gullible, ethically challenged, mentally corrupted and spiritually polluted lost souls who excuse, ignore or otherwise tolerate the mass murder of us, in places who are pathetic, and audacious enough to call themselves “shelters”.

TRUE animal lovers (this means YOU, pet lovers,) will PROTEST our murder.

We need everyone of you to speak on our behalf…every voice, when added to the other voices, amount to an ear shattering, world changing, irresistible force of pet loving, life revering heroic souls, who will, when all is said and done, allow us, your fellow living souls, to have the three universal birthrights that everyone else is afforded:
1. The right to live.
2. The right to love.
3. The right to be loved, …. unmolested, unharmed, and untouched by the wretched, poison filled murder weapons (needles) of the ethically challenged, mentally corrupted and spiritually polluted degenerates who walk among us, and bestow upon themselves an invisible license to kill. They can only continue to murder us, if pet lovers continue to remain silent and allow them to get away with it. You can stop them. Become an active No Kill supporter ( please.

 Our lives depend on it. Thank you.

With Our Unconditional Love,

Your Companion Animals,

Through Thick and Thin